Supercar version 4.0 for FS2004 (and FS2002) - 8-Sep-2003
Initial release - Comments for improvement welcome.

Brian Douglas and Austin Tate

Latest version is available at
Use version 2.2 (30-May-2000) for FS98 and CFS
Use version 3.3 (5-Jul-2002) for FS2000 and CFS2
This version is for FS2002 and FS2004


Supercar is a multi-purpose vehicle from the Gerry Anderson TV show
which was first broadcast in 1960. Supercar is a vertical take-off
and landing vehicle which has extendible wings while in flight. As
well as its ability to fly, Supercar can travel underwater, on land
with a ground effect cushion from its vertical boosters, and even go
into space.

The Flight Simulator craft is a test model of Supercar which provides
limited capabilities. The avionics have been updated to modern 21st
Century jet standards. The test programme is still continuing,
adjustments are being made, and the operational envelope is still to
be established. Join the test programme now... Fly your own Supercar!


1. Unzip and place file Supercar4 into aircraft directory and it should appear in
the aircraft index under the "Experimental" craft category.

2. Copy folder rcb_gauges into main Flight Simulator Gauges folder

3. Copy Effects (fx) files provided into main Flight Simulator Effects Folder.

4. Copy sound files provided into the main Flight Simulator Sound folder.

5. Place the Supercar startup and GPS flight plan files
(*.flt, *.wx and *.pln) in the main Flight Simulator Flights Folder.

6. Uires\ contains alternative Flight Simulator start up "splash" screens.
Rename the default Flight Simulator Uires\dlgsplash.bmp image to keep it.
Then rename dlgsplash-sc-2002.bmp or dlgsplash-sc-2004.bmp to dlgsplash.bmp.

Visual Effects:

Opening and closing canopy (Ctrl/E)
Wing extend/retract ("G")
Cockpit controls and pilot head animation (Stick movements)
Front, Rear, Strobe and Navigation Lights
Smoke effects ("I")
Jet flame effects with permission of Rob Barendregt
blue glow from the rear of the craft and if throttle above 90% N1 two booms
should be heard and an afterburner flame appear (note you need to have entered
the interior view - cycle views with "S" key" to activate these in FS2002)


Supercar is modelled as a STOVL craft and is flown similarly to other craft.

Vertical take off - Engage Full Vertical thrust ("F8") apply throttle - lift off -
engage wings out ("G") apply horizontal thrust and accelerate as required.

Horizontal take off - Simply Engage max throttle and away you gu - remember
to extend wings out ("G") on take off.

Landing is as you choose, retract wings ("G") before touch down. Retro rockets
("/") can be engaged for rapid deceleration.

Try landing on water. Supercar4 is configured for water landing/take off.

Summary of Controls:

Key Supercar Effect FS Interpretation

F5-F8 Horizontal/Vertical Flight (Vectored Thrust) Flaps Up/Down
G Horizontal/Vertical Flight (Extend/Retract Wings) Gear Up/Down
/ Retro-fire On/Off Spoiler Extended/Retracted
Ctrl/E Cockpit Open/Close Main Entry Open/Close
L Front, rear, strobe and navigation lights Lights on/off

Alternative configurations:

Flight dynamics - Normal and Turbo Models
Two alternative flight dynamics setups are provided. The default normal version
will give good performance. The turbo version and is for the true test pilots and can
be quite wil! Rename the normal.cfg or turbo.cfg version to aircraft.cfg to switch
between the alternatives.

Panels - Default or Learjet
The default panel is customised to look a little like Supercar.
Note that one radio altimeter gauge used by Supercar is from the FS2000
Concorde which is not included in later FS versions. You can fly without this
or copy it from your FS2000 setup if you have one [Concorde!Radio-Altimeter].
If you wish you can switch to the standard Learjet panel with the alternative
panel file provided.

Sounds - the default sounds are from the Learjet. You can use an alternative
sound configuration file for Supercar4. This requires sounds in the harrier
aircraft ( by Alejandro Vila and you can add the Supercar theme
for Gear_Up if you Supercar.wav file from an Internet web site. These files
are copyrighted or have restricted use so are not included in this release.

Version Control

Version 1.0 17-Mar-1996. First Release.

Version 1.1 2-Jan-1997. Second Release. Minor visual improvements.
Separate ready-to-fly release package for Flight Simulator
for Windows 95 (version 6.0).

Version 1.1a 16-Apr-1997. Amendment to Second Release.
W95 installation instructions in supercar.txt amended.

Version 1.1b 17-May-1998. Ready to fly package for Flight Simulator
98 added.

Version 1.1c 31-Mar-1999. For FS98.
Altered copyright for Supercar from Polygram to Carlton.
Improved SUPERCA1.PCX main body texture. Added checklists.
Added Clear-vu and experimental Panels.

Version 1.1d 22-Apr-1999. For FS98 and CFS.
Added features for Combat Flight Simulator. Improved panels.
Added internal view dash.

Version 1.1e 4-May-1999. Improved Combat Flight Simulator Damage Profile.

Version 1.1f 18-May-1999. Single file release.

Version 2.0a 6-Jun-1999. Aircraft Factory 99 Model.

Version 2.0b 23-Jun-1999. Aircraft Animator - Added landing Lights.

Version 2.0c 14-Nov-1999. Improved 3D visual model. GPS Panel for FS2000.

Version 2.0d 16-Nov-1999. Improved 3D visual model for FS2000.

Version 2.0e 23-Nov-1999. Last release suitable for FS for W95, FS 5.1 and
FS Flight Shop Aircraft Factory 5.

Version 2.1a 14-Dec-1999. Improved visual model for FS2000.

Version 2.1b 30-Jan-2000. Improved flight dynamics. Improved visual model.
New sound configuration.

Version 2.2 30-May-2000. Improved flight dynamics.
Fixed error in version 2.1b FS2000 startup situation tower position.
Black Rock Laboratory scenery and Thrust SSC dynamic scenery.
Improved bitmap for panels by Shane Pickering.
Last release suitable for FS98 and Aircraft Factory 99.

Version 3.0 31-May-2000. FS Design Studio new visual model for FS2000 only.
Black Rock scenery by Iain Murray, with Black Rock Supercar Laboratory
built in FS Design Studio by Austin Tate.

Version 3.1 5-Sep-2000. Improved visual model. Included CFS damage and
weapons profile for CFS2 usage. Removed alternative sound and
interior views configurations from Build directory (available in
version 3.0 if required).

Version 3.2 28-Apr-2001. Improved visual model. Cockpit and pilot details
improved. Turbo flight dynamics option. CFS2 instructions.

Version 3.3 5-Jul-2002. Amended FS2002 instructions.
Amended CFS2 usage instructions and panel documentation.
Main Fuselage bitmap altered to have two fuel filler caps.

Version 4.0 8-Sep-2003 Completely new version for FS2004.
GMax visual model by Brian Douglas, Mateen Greenway, Mick Imrie
and Austin Tate. New FS2002/4 flight dynamics by Brian Douglas.
Flame effects by Rob Barendregt. New Flight Simulator Splash Screens.

(c) 1996-2003, Austin Tate and
Brian Douglas .
All rights reserved.

Material on Supercar is copyright by Carlton International Media Ltd.
No infringement of any commercial rights is intended. The authors wish
to promote a favourite TV show via this offering. It must not be used for
any commercial purpose or distributed for payment.