Supercar Checklists
Black Rock Laboratory, Nevada N41*00.00 W119*00.00
15-Oct-97, Thrust achieves first Supersonic Land Speed Record
Reno Intl. RNO, Nevada, N39*29.50, W119*46.00 alt. 4460,
ATIS 135.80 Runway 16R ILS 110.9
Mustang FMG VOR 117.90
Mercury MCY NDB 326
Supercar Challenge
1. Mustang FMG VOR 117.90
2. Reno Intl. RNO ATIS 135.80 16R ILS 110.90
3. Oakland OAK VOR 116.80
4. San Francisco Intl. SFO 28R ILS 111.70
5. Big Sur BSR VOR 114.0
6. Las Vegas LAS VOR 116.90
7. McCarran Intl. LAS ATIS 125.60
8. Grand Canyon GCN 113.10
9. Mercury MCY NDB 326 (watch out for Area 51)
10.Back to Black Rock Desert
Engine Start Checklist
1. Check parking brakes are on [ctrl+.] and all switches are in the
"off" position
2. Select port (no.1) engine [E 1], start fuel flow [ctrl+shift+F4],
turn on magnetos [M +], set starter to "charge" [J +], wait for
turbine speed (N2) to reach 60% (~15,000 rpm), call out "fire
3. Repeat for starboard (no.2) engine [E 2 ctrl+shift+F4 M + J +],
call out "fire two"
4. It is possible to "start and fire" both engines together
[E 1 2 ctrl+shift+F4 M + J +] in an emergency
Vertical Takeoff Checklist
1. Select vertical boost (full flaps) [F8]
2. When all is clear, and all status lights are green, set to
max. thrust [F4]
3. Release parking brakes [.]
4. Briefly pull gently on the stick until lift-off, then adjust
pitch attitude to around 10 deg. nose-up
5. Select horizontal flight (flaps 0 deg.) [F5]
6. Reduce N1 power on engines to 70%. Adjust thrust down [F2]
or up [F3]
7. Disable Ground Effect and extend wings (gear up) [G]
Horizontal Flight Checklist
1. Climb to desired cruise altitude and establish level flight
2. Set thrust to maintain a cruise of about Mach 0.8.
Adjust thrust down [F2] or up [F3]
3. Adjust elevator trim [NUMPAD 7 = nose down,
NUMPAD 1 = nose up]
4. Note that speeds of almost Mach 3 are possible if required
5. Set auto pilot as desired
Descent Checklist
1. Reduce N1 power on engines to around 60% [F2]
2. Relax pressure on the controls and craft will descend
3. Set for partial vertical boost (flaps 8 deg.) [F5 F7]
4. To level off, ease back or ease forward on stick
5. Below 10,000 ft, maintain below 250 knots. Adjust thrust
down [F2] or up [F3], or use retros [/] as needed
Approach Checklist
1. Set N1 power on engines at about 45%
2. Establish level flight at 150 knots
3. Turn toward and align with runway
4. Reminder - Below 10,000 ft, maintain below 250 knots. Adjust
thrust down [F2] or up [F3], or use retros [/] as needed
Landing Checklist
1. For final approach, set partial vertical boost (partial
flaps) [F5 F7 F7]
2. Enable Ground Effect and retract wings (gear down) [G]
3. Maintain no less than 20 knots in the final descent, you
can use retros [/] to slow quickly
4. When you reach the landing spot, flare and use
very gentle throttle adjustments [F1].
5. After touchdown, cut the throttle [F1],
6. Apply brakes [.] to stop, turn off retros [/] and
apply parking brakes [ctrl+.]
Engine Stop Checklist
1. Select both engines [E 1 2]
2. Shut down jet engines [ctrl+shift+F1]
Special Key Reminders
[G] Ground Effect On/Off and Retract/Extend Wings
[F5 F6 F7 F8] Vertical Boost Control
[/] Retro-rockets On/Off
[E 1] or [E 2] Select Engine
[E 1 2] Select Both Engines
[ctrl+shift+F4] Start Jet Fuel Flow
[M +] Magnetos On/Off for selected engines
[J +][+] Cycle Fire/Off, Gen, Charge/Start selected engines
[ctrl+shift+F1] Shut down selected engines
[L] Lights on/off
[O] Strobes on/off
[I] Smoke on/off
[ctrl+E] Open/Close canopy