Spokane Area - Pack 1
GMAX Scenery and effects for the Spokane River in downtown Spokane, WA USA
For Flight Simulator COG (FS9) ONLY

Dynamic effects and scenery of the downtown area of Spokane, WA USA. This is my first use of BLGComp and GMAX. There will be future releases for the Spokane area. All scenery is compatible with USA Roads.


1) MUST have -38m mesh of the area - designed using the mesh available from FSFreeware, but others should work also. Without this items will float or sink to the point of invisibility.
2) MUST have - Grand Coulee scenery ( grand_coulee.zip) by Larry Silsbee. This scenery corrects the Spokane River throughout the Spokane area. Without this, it's going to look real funny. Placement of items will appear way off.
3) In your FS9.cfg ( x:\Documents and Settings\xxx\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9\fs9.CFG ) the Terrain Max Vertex Level needs to be set at 21


GMAX SCENERY (all with DXT1 textures):
1) Trent Ave. Bridge East of Hamilton
2) Trent Ave. Bridge West of Hamilton
3) Division St. Bridge
4) Upper Falls Diversion Dam
5) Monroe St. Bridge
6) Maple St. Bridge

1) Fireworks:
Fireworks display on July 4th from 10pm until midnight at Riverfront Park - Downtown Spokane
2) Spokane Falls near Monroe St. Bridge
3) Upper Falls Diversion Dam


1) Unzip this archive SpokanePack1.zip to a temporary folder.

After unzipping the archive, you will have 6 items:

*) A folder - Spokane1
*) A folder - effects
*) REALshot.jpg - actual photo of the Monroe St (foreground) & Maple St. (background) bridges.
*) FSshot.jpg - comparison FS screenshot of the Monroe St (foreground) & Maple St. (background) bridges.
*) readme.txt - what you're reading :-) !
*) file id.diz

2) Place the contents of the effects folder into the effects folder in Flight Sim

3) Place the folder Spokane Pack1 into your ADDON SCENERY folder in the main FS9 folder.

4) Start FS9, click on settings, scenery library, then add the Spokane Pack1 folder into your scenery library and activate it.

5) Exit Flight Simulator.


This is NOT a requirement, but adds a lot to the realism. I've tried to blend the surfaces of the bridges in with the
adjoining road surfaces. I am using the addon road textures ( nuroad10.zip & nuroad11.zip ) for USA Roads from Frank Bergson.
These are the settings I am using for USA Roads:

USA Roads - Major Roads Only
No Roads Cross Water
FS2004 Color Match
Pavement - Dim
Low Density traffic
Day Texture - Brighter

8) Restart Flight Sim and enjoy!

9) To see this scenery, "Create A Flight" departing Spokane International Airport ( KGEG - Spokane, WA, USA ) in your favorite aircraft and fly east over downtown Spokane. These files will NOT add Spokane to your "Search Add-on scenery" list.


Surface textures used on the GMAX bridges used by permission of Frank Bergson, author of NuRoads 2.0, now available at FSGenesis.com

Larry Silsbee for his fine fix of the Spokane River in his Grand Coulee scenery and for his influence to get me into modifying default effects for this scenery.

Microsoft for blgcomp.exe and their SDK's

The folks at Discreet for GMAX v 1.2

Scenery Solutions for their great addon - USA Roads

Derek Leung for his Flight Simulator Scenery Creator (FSSC) v1.5.11 (used for flatten areas)


This is freeware and no one can barter it for anything.
These files should not mess up your system.

If you have any problems, questions, comments or advise, please feel free to email me.
My intention is to show you a bit of my home town.

Happy Simming,
Lou Frost