FS2004 option to simulate sailplane/glider towing by using the default Cessna 172.

I personally have 4 gliders in use and have missed for a long time the option for gliders to taking off from the ground. My solution is quite simple and you should be keeping the panel-view to have the feeling to be towed by an Cessna 172. Of course, by toggling the S-key you will get as usual the virtual panel view of the Cessna 172 or the external view. then you will see only the Cessna.

This add-on is not only usable for the default Schweizer sailplane, but also includes sample panels for:
Grob G-102 Astir (download/install: from Max Roodveldt),
Schleicher ASK21 (download/install: from Bernard Michaud),
and Blanik L-13 (download/install: from M. Lisner, J. Masnik, T. Stilz).
All available at SurClaro!
While installing the FS2000 Blanik L-13 you will get a warning. When you are asked if you want to install a incopatible aircraft say: No! Even with NO you will get a functional aircraft, maybe without some special features like opening canopy. Don't say YES! If you say YES, the gear will not work!

Of course you can use each of your favorite glider you have in use. Then you have to edit my panel-bitmaps or you can add additional panels and configure it yourself. The bitmaps allows easily replacements and reconfigurations for any desired glider panel. Just keep the Cessna in that position, otherway it may look unrealistcly (hovering above the ground or so).


INSTALLATION: Unzip the folder Sailtow4. Backup your Aircraft.cfg of the C172 by renaming f.i. Aircraft.cfg_bak. Copy my Aircraft.cfg and the Panel.glider from my c172 folder into your c172 folder. Or you can overwrite your c172 folder with my one (your decision, if you think this could be a risk) Thats all!
I made some little panel configuration changes to have the most important gauges on the upper side of the panel. f you notice some differences between the sailtow panel and the glider panel please look into the folder MyPanel-configs, to look for my matching configurations.


If you made any changes in your original MS c172 folder than look at this lines from the Aircraft.cfg:

title=Cessna Skyhawk 172SP Paint1
panel=Glider // 4 optional gliderpanels instead of Cessna panel. (My version)
panel= (ORIGINAL MS)

ui_type=C172SP Skyhawk

ui_variation=Cessna pulling sailplanes //This line defines the aircraft to choose for glider towing
description= Simulated sailplane takeoff and gaining elevation by beeing towed by a Cessna 172. Simulation convince only in Panel view! (My version)

ui_variation=Blue and grey or something (ORIGINAL MS)


If you want to to a complete ride in a sailplane then choose an apropriate airport and for Aircraft look first for:
- Cessna
- then choose: ui_type=C172SP Skyhawk
- and select : ui_variation=Cessna towing sailplanes)

Choosing 1 of 4 panels:
Default (Window0= Shift 1 for toggle on or off): Schleicher ASK-21
(Window1= Shift 2 for toggle on or off): Schweizer
(Window2= Shift 3 for toggle on or off): Grob Astir
(Window3= Shift 4 for toggle on or off): Blanik L13

Then start the Engine of the Cessna ahead by pressing Ctrl+E, set the flaps and control the throttles as usual. After taking off (trim carefully!) and reaching the desired altitude it is time to get released. Now change from the towing Cessna to your real sailplane by choosing your desired sailplane, f.i. Schweizer or any other glider for free flights.

Original Aircraft.cfg and Schweizerpanel by Microsoft.
Original Blanik L-13 panel: Lisner, Masnik, Stilz
Original Grob Astir panel: Max Roodveldt
Original Schleicher ASK-21 panel: Bernard Michaud

Thanks to all and special thanks to those unnamed persons who create all the gauges!

This file is FREEWARE. This configurations doesn'nt contain any macros, they should not harm your computer, but you install it on your own risk.
Feel free to copy or to distribute it, but don't make any money with it. It is not permitted to use it for commercial-purpose. All rights by Microsoft.


More Files with my work at SurClaro and/or .com: (Searchkey: WELKER)

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Happy landings

Erwin Welker
6. May 2006