********************* FS98 Avidyne Glass panel *********************

This package includes the Avidyne glass panel for the Piper Seneca V in two versions. The only difference is one is with a center post and one without so that they can be used with other Piper aircraft. A single engine version of the same will be coming soon. The Real CRT Nav data / HSI is used. Follow the instructions below if you would prefer a non CRT HSI to improve frame rate or if you have a Windows operating system that conflicts with the Nav Data program.

Both panels use the same gauges and the only differences is the Snca5A.panel is without a windshield center post.

1.Create within FS98 a folder and label it "Panel."
2.Unzip the SncaVpnl and move the Snca5A.panel and Snca5B.panel into the main FS98 Panel folder you just created.
3.Move the Gauges into the main FS98 Gauges folder and you choose whether to overwrite. I have renamed the gauges that I have repainted.
4.Open the docs folder and locate the panelA.cfg and panelB.cfg files. Choose which panel you want and move it into the panel folder of the aircraft you want it in, then edit the file and delete the A or B, so that the cfg file reads: panel.cfg.
5.For those who would prefer a non CRT HSI, open the Snca5A/B.panel folder you just put in the main Panel Folder. Open the panel.cfg file. Copy the line entry below

gauge17=atr.eehsi, 662,460,165 /HSI

and paste it over the #17 gauge line entry in the panel.cfg, then locate and delete the #36 gauge line entry, save and close.

6.Note, a copy of the panelA.cfg and panelB.cfg have been included in the SenecaV panel folder, so that any other aircraft you would like these panels in you can just copy and paste it into whatever aircraft panel folder you wish, the edit as you have already done in step 4.
7. Start up FS98 and go fly:-)

1.Original Designer: Dana McGee
2.Panel Repaint by: Dennis Husted
3.Photo References: Airliners.net / photographers, for the best web site for aircraft photos.
4.The many gauge designers for their excellent work without which these repaints would not be possible.

LEGAL: This is freeware and may not be distributed for profit. The gauges are not mine but are common gauges used in numerous FS98 panels.

Andre Lederer who has been a good friend and got me started with repaints.

Please support Andre with financial donations. His Lionworks team accounts for most of the sceneries and repaints now days. Please download his sceneries and send donations to the address listed. Please help keep FS98 alive!

Thanks to all the FS98 developers of sceneries, panels and aircraft, as well as all who support FS98 by downloading and enjoying these products.

Note: I have numerous requests for repaints. I appreciate the continued interest in FS98 and for your individual requests and the positive feedback. It is difficult for me to say that I may not be able to get to all the requests, at least not in a timely manner. I work full time for the Utah Transit Authority during the day, and for UPS in the evening out at the Salt Lake International Airport. This means that I don't have much time to spend on repaints. I have a family that I don't see much, so the weekends are devoted to them, and a little time to my hobby, FS98. Please be patient and understanding as I try and meet the requests and also balance my time with work and family.

Dennis Husted ([email protected] / [email protected])
June, 2009.