Aerospatiale SA365K Panther

South African Air Force

For FS98 (New stuff for the old sim!!!)

The Aerospatiale SA365K Panther is the military variant of the
Dauphin (Dolphin). Full range of moving parts. Original model
and base textures by Ian Standfast. Liveries based on the former
repaints of Daniel Mazzella, Cyril Carcassonne and Bernd Barsch.
Refined textures by Udo Entenmann.


Unzip the file into an folder of your choice, this should create
the folder "SA365K Panther SAAF". You can change the name to something
what you like. Then drop this folder to your FS98-AIRCRAFT folder.

The default FSFSConv Panel- and Sound-cfg files been used for
upload. You may install your preferred panel and sounds.


Camil Valiquette for the very best Airbus 340 model for FS98
and for his special permission for repaint!!!

Chuck Dome for his fantastic "TEXBMP2"... for some beautiful pics to help to paint this
aircraft. (


These files are FREEWARE, its not allowed to be sold or
packaged in any form or medium used and may not be altered
or modified! No responsibility is taken for any loss or damage
incurred directly or indirectly from its use.


If you have comments or maybe problems,

email me: [email protected]


Udo Entenmann 2005