FS2002 Professional default MD-83 Aircraft flyable.
These files will make the three versions of the Default AI
McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83 flyable in FS2002 Std or Pro.
Adjusted by Tom Miller

Please note that I believe this plane is useable in FS2002 pro or Std. It utilizes the default B737 panel and sounds.

Changes to the md_83 folder include:
1)I have adjusted the air file to make the planes selectable.
2)I adjusted the aircraft.cfg in a few areas however, only minor adjustments were needed to make this plane work.
3)I added appropriate panel (alias to the default FS 2002 737.)

On my system the above adjustments have not changed the performance or appearance of the AI planes as far as I know.

1)I would suggest backing up your default FS2002/Aircraft/md_83 folder in case you decide not to keep the changes.
2)Unzip the included files to your FS2002/Aircraft folder and overwrite the default files when asked.

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Not responsable for any problems to your system.