VERSION 1.1 and VERSION 1.21


Helicopter Design: Antti Pankkonen

Helicopter Paint: Lynn Rogers
This design and paint is of the Aerospatiale AS365N3 Dauphin
contact: woodworth@alaskalife.net
Copyright 2003 All Rights Reserved:

Logo and Trademark Notice:

ANY and ALL company Logo's and Trademarks presented are copyrighted by their respective owners. They are depicted here as artists presentation for illustrative purposes only.


This helicopter can be installed much like every other add-on aircraft for fs2002. After you un-zip the contents of "AS365SF.zip" move the "texture.1" folder to your fs2002 aircraft folder, and add the following to the cfg. file.

title=AS 365N3 'Heli-Link' (8-bit textures)
atc_model=AS 363

ui_type=AS 365N3 Dauphin
ui_variation=Silver Fern


Or simply replace the textures with the old textures...

Permissions and Re-Distribution:

The following applies to the files included in dauph2k2.exe (see filelist.txt). These files are referred to as "software".

1.The software is distributed free of charge for personal use.
2.The original archive (dauph2k2.exe) is freely distributable provided the files are not modified in any way.
3.None of the files may be included in other archives.
4.No fee may be charged for distributing the software.
5.I do not take responsibility for any possible harm caused to the computer on which the software is used, or any other problems encountered when using the

Repainting this aircraft is allowed, but the new textures must be published as a separate archive that does not contain any files from the original dauph2k2.exe.

Copyright © 2002 Antti Pankkonen

Special Thanks to the Following:

Antti Pankkonen who designed this wonderful Helicopter.

Zarik of Silver Fern Helicopters NZ VA for whom these repaints in house colors were made. www.silverfern.moby58.com

Copyright 2003 All Rights Reserved