Britten Norman BN2A Islander, G-BLDV

Textures by Alistair Brydon


You need to have installed the BN2 Islander by Marcel Kuhnt (eg: )

Then unzip this folder to a temporary folder of your creation. Place the .bmp file named "texture.bldv" in the main BN2 folder in FS2002.

Next copy and paste the contents of the text file "bldv" into the aircraft.cfg file in the main BN2 folder (its the one with the computer icon). You can open this using Microsoft word. Ensure that the first line [fltsim.X] is changed in sequence (eg; [fltsim.0], then [fltsim.1], [fltsim.2] etc..

If in doubt check the format is the same as one of the default aircraft such as the Cessna-172. Save the aircraft.cfg folder. I'm not aware of the limit to the number of paint schemes you can have per aircraft:- its at least 20.

Thats it...

Background: G-BLDV was built in 1986 and sold to FLN in Germany as D-INEY. It was sold to Loganair, after refurbishing, in 1996, originally wearing British Airways Express (Landor) colours. It was repainted c1998 to it's present Tartan-tail paint scheme called "benyhone" after a mountain in Perthshire. This aeroplane is still in the fleet, owned officially at Glasgow, and operated under franchise for B.A. It is also operated for the Scottish Ambulance Service (hence the badge) and makes regular calls to most western and highland airfields. Islander maintenance is conducted at Kirkwall, Orkney, so it could be argued that this is its' official base.

I am very grateful to Marcel Kuhnt for his excellent creation of this Islander model, and for agreeing to this repaint.

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Download and/or install on your computer at your own risk.

Alistair Brydon

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