FS2002/2004 Whole South Korea,Asia Soaring Scenery

This file came about because I wanted some thermals to keep gliders over whole South Korea Region,Asia.

It will be useful to everybody who wants primary or advanced gliderĀ“s flights instruction.

It adds some thermals to default Microsoft scenery

The lift will begin 900 feet above ground level.



Just paste Flight Simulator 9 file inside Microsoft Games folder overwriting existing Flight Simulator 9 file.


Paste FS2002 file inside Microsoft Games folder overwriting FS2002 existing file,AND AFTER you MUST ACTIVATE tHERMALS fiLE as below steps patH:

1.Start FS2002
2.Mouse - Right click - ativate upper tool bar
3.Choose World
4.Choose Scenery Library
5.Choose Add area
6.Choose Scenery
7.choose Thermals
8.Choose Add area
9.Choose OK
10.Restart FS2002

It is Freeware

Good flights and Better Landings

Volta Redonda City,Brazil - 06-03-2006

Francisco Vargas.

e-mail: cmtvargas@quick.com.br.