The G-Wing Escape Ship from the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic™ for CFS3.

The G-Wing Escape Ship is designed as a fast and stealthy deep space courier\transport. The G-Wing
design incorporates some of the latest advances in sensor jamming technology along with some of the
most advanced deep space sensor and navigation equipment to be installed in a ship of it's size.
With it's advanced sensors and navigation system this small vessel is capable of smuggling small
loads of cargo through most republic and sith patrols. The G-Wing is perfect for slipping in and
out of a star system without being noticed or attracting the wrong kind of attention which can be
quite useful. Another feature of the G-Wing that makes it so well liked is how easy it is to modify.
All these features make it a favorite among smugglers and bounty hunters.

The G-Wing Mk.II is a converted G-Wing Escape Ship that has been specially fitted with weapons to
be used as a fighter/bomber. The storage space has been removed and replaced with a proton bomb
launcher. The long range sensor equipment has been replaced by 3 standard laser cannons for ship to
ship combat. Because the G-Wing was designed as an unarmed personal transport and not a combat
vessel it's hull and shields are fairly weak so watch your six!

This add-on has complex effects and the ship has no LOD below 100! This is not recommended for
low-end machines. It is also not recommended as an AI ship. The flight dynamics are a bit buggy
and make it very difficult for the AI to fly properly. If you have any ways to improve or fix this
add-on please let me know. I would like to get it 99% to 100% bug free and then re-release it.

Note that this ship will show up under the USA Aircraft menu when installed correctly.

Go to where you have CFS3 installed on your hard drive and extract all files in this zip.
Be sure to allow it to overwrite ALL files!

Installation (for altered versions of effects.xml and sounds.xml):

Go to where you have CFS3 installed on your hard drive and extract all files in this zip.
Be sure NOT to overwrite the “effects.xml” and “sounds.xml” files!
Backup your “effects.xml” and “sounds.xml” by renaming them or moving them to another folder.
Now you must manually add the following lines to the “sounds.xml” file:

Be sure to add these lines under the other gun sound lines like this for an example:

Now you will need to add the following lines to the bottom of the “effects.xml” file:

Now go and enjoy!
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