Cessna Citation Mustang Glass Cockpit by Roger Lowery.

Many new General Aviation (GA) and Executive aircraft are being produced with "glass cockpits" in which a few digital glass screens replace a large number of conventional analogue instruments. The new screens offer better situational awareness, GPS driven moving map displays and the ability to access data bases that contain check-lists, nav-aid frequencies, let-down plates, airways charts, etc.

While this computer cockpit does not simulate all of that, it goes a long way toward demonstrating the capabilities and advantages of the glass cockpit.


Unzip MUSTGPNL.zip into an empty folder.

Move the "Panel.Mustang" folder to your "Fs9\Aircraft\Cessna Mustang" folder.

Extract the contents of the "Gauges" folder to your "Fs9\Gauges" folder.

Move "Prwydata.txt" to the main Fs9 folder.

Go to the "Fs9\Aircraft\Cessna Mustang" folder and open the "aircraft.cfg" file with Notepad or Wordpad.

Scroll down until you see the line "panel=". Change this to read "panel=Mustang".

Save and exit the "aircraft.cfg" file.

Open Mustang1, 2 & 3 gif files to view the panel options that are available.

Start Fs9, select the "Mustang" from the Aircraft menu and take her for a test flight.


This panel may be installed to any similar twin-engined executive jet aircraft in the manner described above.

To remove this panel from any aircraft, edit the "aircraft.cfg" file and change "panel=Mustang" to "panel=".

This panel is Public Domain by Roger Lowery .