Barton aerodrome is located in Eccles,Greater Manchester,and was the original Manchester
airport.It opened in january 1930 and many of the buildings,including the tower and the
main hangar date from this time.
The lancashire aero club,based at Barton, is the oldest civil flying club in the UK.
Enjoy the history,because if developers have their way it won't be there for much longer.

sorry to all you experienced folks, but here goes...
1:create a folder in fs2002\addon scenery\ called BARTON
2:within this folder create 2 subfolders, SCENERY and TEXTURE
3:unzip BARTON_1 to wherever ie C:\unzipped
4:unzip SCENERY.ZIP into SCENERY folder
5:unzip TEXTURE.ZIP into TEXTURE folder
6:start fs 2002 click 'world',click 'add new scenery',browse to where you installed Barton
(eg C:\fs2002\addon scenery\barton\scenery) and click OK

set scenery complexity to dense to see all detail.

this scenery is designed to work with VisualFlight's VFR vol4, Northern England.
a zip file of alternate textures for barton are included (
if you don't have this product,check out 'barton_aerial_VFR' screenshhot and see what
you're missing!
ignore barton high level bridge in the other screenshot...still working on that.

choose 'go to airport' click 'search addon scenery' and you will see two entries for Barton.

the texture files for this scenery were created from digital photos taken by myself at
the airfield,and as such provide a good representation of what you would see if you were
to go there (there is a visitor centre and museum on site...if you can,why not visit and
support the aerodrome)

the buildings were made using Easy Object Designer and the whole thing was put together
using the Airport for windows program.
this is my first scenery and the first version of Barton, and the scenery will continue
to be developed and hopefully improved in future releases.

Visualflight/getmapping/justflight for the excellent VFR sceneries
paul chaney at getmapping
john at visualflight
Ian Broadbent for testing and feedback
Nick Duriez for letting me wander around the field at will to take photos
Paul Baines for his Barton scenery which inspired me to 'have a go'
Pascal Meziat/Brian McWilliams/Tom Hiscox for Airport V2.6
Matthias Breuckner for Easy Object Designer
Frank Betts for static aircraft api
John De Langristin for car api
Dai Griffiths/Bill Dick/Robert Palmer for tree api
all at barton.....happy flying folks !
if i've forgotten anyone - sorry.


This Scenery is released as Freeware. Copyright Peter Regan.
As freeware you are permitted to distribute this
archive subject to the following conditions,

- The archive must be distributed without modification to the
contents of the archive. Redistributing this archive with any files
added, removed or modified is prohibited.

- No charge may be made for this archive other than that to cover the
cost of its distribution. If a fee is charged it must be made clear
to the purchaser that the archive is freeware and that the fee is to
cover the distributor's costs of providing the archive.

- The authors' rights and wishes concerning this archive must be

Copyright 2003 Peter Regan. All Rights Reserved.

VFR scenery tiles are used under licence from getmapping plc
copyright getmapping plc

e-mail comments/suggestions to:

this scenery should not harm your computer in any way,however you use it at your own
risk and the author shall not be held responsible.

pete regan 22/07/03