Thank you for downloading this magnificent aircraft designed with FSDS Pro. Version 2.0 , by Rey Lopez


Unzip the RLIL1820.ZIP to your favorite folder (mine is called "arrivals"), and after unzipping it, you will find the necessary files to start having fun with this model, however, the "sound" and "panel" folders point to the 737_400 model's sound and folder, there are suitable sound and panels available in several web sites, that can be used instead of the default ones attached, in order to create a "as-real-as-it-gets" environment

This is a freeware download, however, It can NOT be uploaded to another site with out my prior concent.
Although I have run this model in my computer, I do not make myself or others involved in this project with any damage caused by its implimentation. Enjoy it, and if you have questions or suggestions please write to me to the above e-mail address, and you may include me in the monthly SurClaro designers contest if you see it appropriate, and if so...thanks again.

Gunther Kirschtein for his "teachings" in correcting flight dynamics for FS2002 models, and my partner Tim at

Rey Lopez