FS2002 'Black Seahawks' BAe Hawk T.Mk1 A

A single BAe Hawk T.Mk1 aircraft of the British Royal Navy's FRADU Display Team, the "Black Seahawks", which operate from RNAS Culdrose, Cornwall. Based on Owen Hewitt and Mikko Maliniemi's FSDS design, modified for FS2002. Base textures by Kari Virtanen. Aircraft has display smoke, full lighting, reflective transparent cockpit and moving parts. Photoreal panel by Mark Beaumont features excellent visibility, side panels, animated mirrors by Kari Virtanen, many specially made gauges by Matt Kaprocki, HUD and TCAS Radar by Eric Marciano. FS2002 lights fix by Paul Pridwales. Defaults to Lear45 sound: recommended sound package REDPACK5.ZIP. Accurate Hawk checklist and sample chart display. Detailed 'Black Seahawks' livery by Mark Beaumont.



Either, the easy way:

Simply unzip BSHAWKS1.ZIP into your main FS2002 directory (FS2002 installs by default to C:/PROGRAM FILES/MICROSOFT GAMES/FS2002).

The aircraft will be installed automatically into your AIRCRAFT folder, gauges will install to your GAUGES folder and smoke effects files will be installed in your EFFECTS folder. FSSound.dll will go to your MODULES folder.

Select your aircraft from the AIRCRAFT menu in the usual way within FS2002. Manufacturer: British Aerospace; type: T.Mk1 A Hawk; variation: 'Black Seahawk' XX234 Single.

Or, you can install files the manual way by first unzipping to a temporary folder. Installation in this manner, although more laborious, allows you to ensure that no file overwrites an existing file on your disk without your knowledge.

Please note that the main fuselage bitmap is saved "without mips" which seems to provide a much sharper image. How it works for you may depend on your video card; so if you should want to try a "with mips" version of this file, you'll find it in the TEXTURE folder. Simply back up the primary fuselage file 'fuse1024.bmp' and rename the "mips" version accordingly.

Note also that this is an FSDS model. There are no FS reflections, unlike the "Black Seahawks" formation four in BSHAWKS4.ZIP which are made in GMAX. She also carries an extra tank under the fuselage which would not normally be found on a FRADU Hawk.



Display smoke is triggered from the main panel or with the 'I' key.

A map of the flying area around RNAS Culdrose, Cornwall, UK can be toggled in the cockpit using a simicon.

Please visit http://www.swiremariners.com/bshawks.html for further notes on the operation of the panel included with this aircraft.



Please be sure to read the original README. All parts or the whole of the BSHAWKS files/folders packages are freeware and must remain so. No part of individual packages or their entirety, or modifications, or alterations to individual packages or their entirety may be uploaded to the Internet in any shape or form without the express permission of the authors.

Copyright 2003

"Black Seahawk" repaint:
Mark Beaumont
[email protected]
See my collection of Cathay Pacific aircraft for FS at:
and more Hawks at:

Original plane:
Mikko Maliniemi
[email protected]
Owen Hewitt
[email protected]

Flight map:
The image is taken from the highly recommended FS Navigator software

FS2002 Lights fix:
Paul Pridwales

See http://www.swiremariners.com/bshawks.html for full credits and more information


Mark "Dark Moment" Beaumont
April 14, 2003