Hi there !!
My name is Dimitri.
This is my FIRST EVER creation for flight simulation. And i like to share it with you all.
It's my hometown airport LGLR military base, Larissa city, here in central Greece.

When microsoft released FSX, i noticed that THIS airport was COMPLETLY ruined, empty ... and completly
misplaced at the wrong place on the map !!! I tried all those years, to find a good add-on but ....
nothing good so far ..... Then lockheed martin toke over the code from microsoft and created P3D.
But still, this airport remained as it was before, nothing changed... I was SO mad, that i thought
I should do something about it my self... so, here we are.

This airport was created with "Airport design editor version.177" and SbuilderX v.315
I was using ORBX base pack, with ORBX Europe LC and ORBX vector during the creation.
Keep in mind that i am using some small ORBX library objects like, grass, bushes and so on...
If you don't have ORBX installed, i don't know if this is gonna work.

This scenery here is preaty simple and easy to install ...as most of them are.
Just copy the folder ""LGLR (P3D4) v1.0 by Mitsoswu"" and drop it into your
D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Addon scenery folder
and then activate that scenery through your simulator .... that's all.
..Happy flying !!

If you have or see any problems in that scenery contact me at my e-mail: barberwu@yahoo.gr