Retro AI package for the below RAF Germany units stationed at RAF Laarbruch (ETUL) circa 1990.

- 2 Squadron, Tornado GR.1
- 15 Squadron, Tornado GR.1
- 16 Squadron, Tornado GR.1
- 20 Squadron, Tornado GR.1

2 Squadron 'X' had a white fin as part of an experimental conspicuity trial.
15 Squadron 'EA' had a red fin as part of an experimental conspicuity trial. 'EF' is tradionally 'F MacRoberts Reply' and 'EZ' had an anniversary scheme.
16 Squadron 'FZ' had an anniversary scheme.

Package includes weekly flightplans and repaints for all the Tornado's, and Afcad files for RAF Laarbruch (ETUL) and those other Afcads required for the attached flightplans.

We have included something a little different from normal:

On every Friday, there will be a major excercise involving both the Laarbruch and Bruggen squadrons. (requires our Bruggen package)
In the morning aircraft from most squadrons will depart to other airfields. At 12:00 GMT all aircraft will return to Laarbruch and hold over the airfield.
Some aircraft still at Laarbruch will join the group. At 12:42 GMT all aircraft will go to the training area. (ETH1 to ETH9 inclusive).
They will arrive around 13:06 GMT in the training area. From here they will do "missed approaches" at the different area's before returning back home.
Some aircraft will go to other airfields before returning home later that day.

To watch this, start your flightsim on a friday, go to ETUL (Laarbruch) at 12:00 GMT to watch all the aircraft come together.
To watch the aircraft in the training area, go to ETH6 at 13:05 GMT. Look to the south-west.

If you follow the aircraft from Laarbruch to the training area this can changes the behaviour of the AI. Best is not to do this.

- You will need the Tornado GR1 model by Fernando Martinez, available at the Project AI site. (you need to register before downloading)
Or on the MAIW website. The model is available in 2 packages: German Armed Forces GAFFTC or the Italian Air Force Tornado's.


- Unzip all files from this package to a temporary folder.

- Open the folder GR-1.

- copy the texture files from GR-1 to your FMAI/PAI tornado folder.

- copy the text from aircraft.TXT to the aircraft.CFG in your FMAI/PAI tornado folder.

- make sure the [fltsim.X] entries are following each other in sequence. If your last enry is [fltsim.10] change the next entry in [fltsim.11].

- Open the folder Flightplans.

- copy and paste the file "Traffic ETUL.BGL" into your FS9 scenery/world/scenery folder.

- Open the folder AFCAD.

- copy and paste all files into your FS9 scenery/Addon scenery/scenery folder.

- Any previously installed Afcads for the above airfields have to be removed/overwritten.

- If you have installed our Wildenrath and/or Bruggen package, you can overwrite the files ETB1 to ETB3 inclusive, ETH1 to ETH9 inclusive and ETU1 to ETU6 inclusive.

That's it.

We would like to thank:

- Fernando Martinez for the Tornado GR1 model.
- Graham King for his assistance with paint colours charts.
- Lee Swordy for TrafficTools and AFCAD 2.

For questions you can contact us at or

Installation and use of the files is at your own risk but we found no problems using them.

we hope you will enjoy this package.

Chris A Brown, Menno van den Boogaard
chrisb and fokket50 on MAIW forum.