Qantas Airways A330-201 VH-EBA 'Cradle Mountain'
Version 2

Version History:
Version 1 - pre-release version for beta testing and feedback. Not released publicly.
version 2 - All details are corrected from version 1, with newer decals added on.

Information about this aircraft:

Qantas has recently introduced the A330-200 into its domestic operations and as a replacement to the ageing 767-200s. This particular aircraft, VH-EBA, was delivered in Dec02.

The 300seat A330-200 are now used on key Cityflyer routes between Sydney and Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. It is fitted with Airbus's all new cabin interior, including sculptured walls, higher ceilings to provide more elbow and head room, intelligent lighting systems, the largest overhead storage space of any domestic aircraft, ‘Millennium’ business class seats and international-standard ‘Slimline’ economy class seats, and bathrooms with black granite-style benchtops and larger mirrors.

This aircraft is part of Qantas's Massive order of widebody aircrafts, including 25 550seat A380s, 4 747-400ERs, 7 A330-200s, and 6 A330-300s. As to the date of the release of this repaint, VH-EBD has been delivered.

This repaint features:
- Photorealistic engine exhaust cowl, engine pylons, flap guides
- shiny and mainly clean fuselage with correct window configuration of this aircraft
- modified wing textures including window reflection and updated flap textures
- Accurately placed details

All logos are handdrawn and HANDPAINTED by Dickson Chan
I have tried to include as many details as possible into the bitmap textures after comparing many photos of the Qantas A330.

Main fuselage , tail textures in 32bit
night textures, misc textures in DXT3
Antenna textures in 8 bit.

Horizontal Stabiliser wingroot texture by Lionel Goh - Thanks for the permission ;)


If you know the process, simply unzip and you can find the aircraft under:-
Manufacturer: Airbus
Aircraft: A330-201
Variation: Qantas VH-EBA 'Cradle Mountain'

If you don't know the process, simply unzip this file to the FS2002/Aircraft folder
and make sure all files are unzipped there, and that there is ***no subfolder*** within the directory your unzipped files are going to. If the aircraft does not appear under the above location, this means that you have unzipped the file wrongly or there is a subfolder.


********** COPYRIGHT AND DISTRIBUTION **********

This aircraft is released as FREEWARE.

This aircraft model is made by Project OpenSky

Model Designer : Shervin Ahooraei
Flight Dynamics Designer : Warren C,Daniel
FDE Advisor's : Nick Peterson, Simon Ng Hin Tat
A330 Operation Info. and Data: Simon Ng Hin Tat
Tested : Project-Opensky Members
Master textures : C. Vincent Cho
Painted : Dickson Chan

Copyright (C) Project OpenSky . All rights reserved.
Textures copyrighted (C) by Dickson Chan.
--------------- NO textures may be used in other repaints without author's permission.


-For painters please see our webpage we are open for paintings.
-For any other changes you must ask permission to the Author.
-No charge may be made for this package
-This Aircraft may not be bundled with any other package ( freeware or payware )
-The use of this aircraft is at your own risk, the author cannot be held responsible.

For contact and information visit posky's webpage:- (model) (paint)

Project Open Sky 2002

************************************************************************ *******
Airbus A330-200 GE model by Shervin Ahooraei
Features ( in depth ):

Fully animated control surfaces
Fully independent suspension
Dynamic flexing wings
Animated tilting bogies
Rolling main wheels
Animated thrust reversers
Fully reflective textures ( each part has different degree of reflection based on material )
Accurate flight dynamics ( accurate FDE with full profiles for wheels, tires, struts, leading/trialing struts, engine types ... Tested by real pilots.)
Detailed textures
Interchanging 2D and 3D engine fans
Full night lighting
Visible landing lights from the thingypit
Reflective thingypit windows
Crash affects
Transparent Nav light lenses