PRIMO Collection
United Airlines 757-200 ETOPS


Mod and paints by David Randolph (
Aircraft model by IFDG
Based on repaint by Ben Hewitt
Modified to fly with Wilco 767 Pilot In Command Panel
This is a fix to handle a strange situation with the texture folder for this UAL 757. For some reason, when zipping the files up, I missed some textures. Here is a completely fresh set, every texture is here. Just copy over.

As for the blurry nose, that is a problem with the model and the fact that it doesn't handle mip maps very well in that area. If I take out the mip maps, I lose the reflective shine, but the blurries are gone. So I left the shine in. THE FIX.... if the nose gets blurry (and this goes for any plane that does this), just zoom in on the aircraft in spot view as closely as possible. Then zoom back out. The problem fixes itself. This happens with the Stewart FX MD-80 and Posky 767s too.

Lastly, I want to credit Dave March's original freeware S-Combo for FS2000 as the source for the 5 FA announcement waves. I got them so long ago I forgot where I got them. Thanks for taking a tape recorder on a real flight and recording such clear, crisp sounds.

Sorry for the update, I had hoped to avoid it.

Email me with anything else you guys notice needs fixing!

This is freeware. Not to be sold in any way as part of a pay product. Not affiliated with any corporation or airline, this is provided for fun and love of commercial aviation. Logos and copyrights are the respective property of their corporate owners.