Pakistan International AIRBUS A330-300 for FS2002. By Majad Maqbool. PIA does not have it nor does
it plan to buy it in near future But like who cares. If flightsim community can have B747-400 in PIA
livery, then why not any other aircraft.

Thank You for downloading this aircraft. The original aircraft and blank textures are by PROJECT OPENSKY
I repainted them with help from my brother and my sister.

Just unzip to FS2002 aircraft folder. It is so simple.

My main thanks to all the flightsim developers especially freeware developers who provide us with high quality
add-ons of flight simulator for our enjoyment. I dedicate this repaint to all of them.
Project Open Sky for Aircraft and paintkit
Ali Mujtaba for PIA logo in URDU, testing of textures and suggestions.
Me for repainting

See readme.txt for copyrights of AIRCRAFT
PIA logo in Urdu is Courtesy of Ali Mujtaba
I hold the copyrights to repainted textures. No modification of these textures is allowed without my permission.

This file is released as FREEWARE so do not make money out of it. If you wish to upload it to a freeware site,
ask me first.

While every effort has been made to keep this file free from virus, it is advised to scan it first
Use at your own risk. Don't blame me if any thing goes wrong.

Since this is my first repaint, I would like to hear from you as to what do you think of it.
If you can think of some improvements, let me know. However do keep in mind that my graphics card has a memory of
only 8MB (imagine that) and does not support alpha channel, so there might be some limitations.

I would like to request flightsim developers to keep the size of files down (preferrably less than 3MB)
A bigger file can be distributed by parts. This would help me (and some people like me)a lot since I have
a slow dialup network and sometimes due to break in downloading, the files get corrupted and a lot of MBs
go wasted. I know of a MD11 for fs98/2000 which was distributed by parts in a total of about 4 files each
having a size of about 1 MB.

Ongoing projects

FSPainter A340-200 in PIA livery
Mark Harper A340-300 in PIA livery

Thank You again for downloading this file. Enjoy flying

Majad Maqbool
Lahore, Pakistan

[email protected] (check flightsim section for some good screenshots)