Source files for Otto C.I twin-boom pusher biplane.

AFX Source files for AF99. Complete textures in .PCX

Fuselage, wheel, boom/tail and Wing textures have
been re-worked and very much improved by Udo Entenmann,

To be specially noted is the shadow of the cross visible
on the under-surface of the top wing through the translucent

Legal stuff:
Thes AFX and PCX source files are freeware, created solely for
the enjoyment of the flight simming community. No responsibility
is taken for any loss or damage incurred directly or indirectly
from its use. Any aircraft created with them may be freely
distributed, uploaded, downloaded and shared only if proper
credit to all authors is maintained, and of course, no financial
gain whatsoever is made!


Stephan Scholz
[email protected] September 2008