Meljet Boeing 777-200

Livery : United Airlines World Tour
Painted by Samuel Hawks (



Installing this aircraft is pretty simple. Just move (copy & paste, or cut & paste)
the folder containing the Aircraft to your FS2002 aircraft folder. That's it! Now fire
up FS2002, select the aircraft from the aircraft menu under "MelJet" and start flying this bird!



Please read the following carefully to ensure proper usage of the aircraft.

Function * FS2002 Internal Tag * Key assignment
Maintenance Mode * Passenger Doors * Shift + E
Passenger/Cargo Doors * Tailhook * Shift + T
Folding Wings * Folding Wings * Shift + F

Please note that your installation of FS2002 may not already have the above mentioned key assignments
programmed. If so, please go to Options -> Controls -> Assignments in FS2002 and map the functions. Also note that the above key assignments may be programmed to any key of your choice. To get to the virtual cabin, go to virtual cockpit view, look behind you, and then “walk” towards
the cabin.



This aircraft was designed by Melvin Rafi and is freeware. It may not be uploaded to any webserver or BBS without the prior permission of the author. Furthermore, it may not be uploaded to any site or BBS that charges a fee. The author will decline permission for such distribution of the file. Free distribution of this aircraft is encouraged but only permitted after consent from MelJet. This file may not be transferred in any form and no charge must be applied. If you have paid for this file, you have been ripped off. You may repaint the MelJet V1.0 Boeing 777 model in accordance with the terms laid out in the section titled “Aircraft Repaints”. The files included in this package should do no harm to your computer. However, if any harm or damage is done whatsoever, the author(s) assumes no responsibility whatsoever. IN SHORT, USE THESE FILES ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Finally, please enjoy yourself while flying this bird. It was made by a flightsimmer, for flightsimmers. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at . Alternatively, you can visit the MelJet website at . The MelJet forum is also accessible from the website. Well, that's it! Enjoy your flight!

Best regards
January 2003