CFS Scenery Add-On "Leeuwarden"
for Combat Flight Simulator 1
© Edmundo Abad, 04/08/2010

The "Leeuwarden" scenery is ficcional but attempt to be approximated to the reality showing the airport like it (may) have looked like in WWII days, under Luftwaffe occupation. Shows the current airfield layer took from the real maps but with buildings and vehicles of the WWII time period.

Leeuwarden Air Base is today a dutch military airbase used by the Royal Netherlands Air Force, and is located to North-West of the capital of Friesland, Leeuwarden, in the Netherlands.

The airport of Leeuwarden was built in 1938, and originally was used as an airport between Schiphol – Eelde. In the beginning the airport was used infrequently, but when the Germans invaded the country in 1940, the situation changed. The Germans used the airport as a base for their fighter aircraft (including the Messerschmitt Bf 109) and bombers. From this airbase the Germans could reach Great Britain. During World War II, on the 16th and 17th of September 1944, the airbase was heavily bombed by the British.

After the liberation of the Netherlands, the airbase was repaired. The first years after the war the airport was used as a civil airport, and the KLM flew to Schiphol. In 1949, Leeuwarden became a military airbase.


This scenery places Runway, AFD menu entry, NDB beacon frequency, buildings, fields, trees, ground vehicles, static planes, searchlights and more to the airfield of Leeuwarden.

Whatever you do, have fun with this. This kind of scenery would not be possible with the utilities-tools and support of Pascal Meziat, Tom Hiscox, Brian McWilliams, Trevor de Stigter, Rafael Garcia Sanchez, Martin "Wizard" Wright, Mike Rennie, Ralf Triebel and Manfred Moldenhauer. Thank you very much!

Special thanks to Keimpe Bleeker, creator of Leeuwarden AFB EHLW - Royal Netherlands Air Force, FS98 Scenery. I took the main information from his scenery.

My scenery shows the airfield as Luftwaffe airbase. If you want to use it as dutch base simply delete the file Leeuw5german.bgl, and the german planes, vehicles and flags will disappear.

If you want erase the dutch planes parked on the north, simply delete the file Leeuw5dutch.bgl.


Go to the CFS main scenery folder and make a folder named Leeuwarden.

Unzip the files directly to a Leeuwarden folder, all subfolders will be created automatically!

After unzipping the structure of that folders has to look exactly like this:

CFS ----
----- Leeuwarden
-------- scenery
-------- texture

Go to CFS and start in freeflight. Add the scenery to the scenery-library
(World / Scenery Library) - Add Scenery.

The BGL path to enter is exactly:


You may copy and paste the line above!

Name the scenery "Leeuwarden" and don't forget to _activate_ it by checking the box!

You can access the initial points by clicking GOTO Airport, the airfield is added to the CFS airfields list.

Do not drop the ground vehicles texture files to your main CFS texture folder, otherwise they will eventually overwrite some of your other CFS textures!


Runways: 06/24 and 09/27, asphalt.

ADF is set to:

Leeuwarden NDB = 214Khz (EHLW)/200 km.



The scenery was designed with Pascal Meziat, Tom Hiscox and Brian McWilliams utility program Airport 2.6; Martin Wright's MkAFD and Scasm 2.88 by Manfred Moldenhauer.

Thanks to Mike Rennie, Rafael García Sanchez, Jorn Kudla, Robert Waszkiewicz, Martin Wright, Dan Geis, and Ralf Triebel, creators of the main api macros and textures used on this scenery. (and me, of course, as creator of some macros as "zinc plates" building).

The German static planes macros was designed with MDL to BGL utility program by Trevor de Stigter (Copyright © 1998/2001 ), and Convert R8 by Martin Wright (Copyright © 1999 ).

Also special thanks to my son Fernando and my girlfriend Ximena by them great support in the development of this scenery.

Thanks too to the Microsoft Corporation for developing the CFS.

Copyright and Distribution

As freeware you are permitted to use and distribute this
archive subject to the following conditions:

- The archive must be distributed without modification to the contents of the archive.

- No charge may be made for this archive!

- You have no right to include this scenery to a CD without written permission of the author

- You have no right to include this scenery in a commercial pack in any way.

- You have no right to change this scenery whithout written permission
of the author.

- All authors' rights and wishes concerning this archives must be respected.

© Edmundo Abad, 04/08/2010
Santiago- Chile
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