LIPX2k22 - New Scenery of VERONA-Villafranca Airport (ITALIA)

This scenery is usable with FS2002 only.

Rework with new textures, night and seasonal textures.
Including a new terminal and a cargo building.

Villafranca Airpot (LIPX) is a local Airport in Italy in the country Veneto,
about 10 km west of Verona city.
It is used for charter and regular flightsto other Italian and European cities.
Also it is used for private flights.

I worked with Airport v2.10 and Abacus FS Design Studio.

Many thanks to Mr. Angelo Moneta for some fine textures used in this scenery.

If you like this scenery, I would enjoy your feedback to :
Lugari Marcello
e-mail :

Open "LIPX2k22.exe" and follow the instructions (very easy operation).

You can install also "LIPX1.txt" with AFCAD in order to obtain a correct movement of all the aircraft, taxing, departing or arriving to Villafranca Airport.

Enjoy this scenery and have a nice day !

Leave all the unzipped files together with this text file in unaltered
form. Do not copy the files on CD-ROM, without my written permission.
Do not sell, or make money with it, or make commercial use of these files.
Do not decompile it and/or use textures or parts of this sceneries for other sceneries.
I reserve all rights to this scenery.
This scenery is freeware and is written for the circulation in our
FREEWARE flightsimming community.
You can give it to everyone, you want.
But: A distribution for money is strictly forbidden, if I ever find
it sold for money it WILL HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!!

All use of this scenery and its related files is at the users own risk.
There is absolutely NO warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or
implied, for any problems arising from the use of this scenery.

Roma (ITALIA), 20 Feb 2003