FS98 Klemm L.25 IW Sports and trainer monoplane, 1928.
--------------------------------------------------- by Stephan Scholz - October 2011

Installation instructions:
Unzip "Kl25Float.zip" into a temporary folder and copy the "Kl25Float" folder into the FS98 aircraft directory. Unzip "Gauges.zip" into the main FS98 guages directory.

The real Klemm KL-25-IW
Floatplane version of the successful German light leisure, sports and training monoplane aircraft, developed in 1928 by Klemm Leichtflugzeugbau Gmbh. More than 600 Klemm L-25 aircraft were built, and manufacturing licenses were sold to the UK and US. The prototype had a 22 hp Mercedes motor, and different motorizations were used, ranging from 45 hp Salmson AD9 OR 60 Hp BMW Xa radials, to 80 or even 103 Hp Hirth engines, with maxium speeds between 80 and 90 Kt. Weights ranged from 1367 to 1587 lb, and take-off was very soon, just above 30 Kt. The aircraft could fly at only 25% of full power, as opposed to biplanes of the time, which needed at least 50%.
The floatplane depicted in this release was a model operated in Western Australia from 1929 to 1933 by the German Consul, who was also a tractor importer, to provide customer service to his farmer clients.

Specifications of the Klemm L-25 floatplane VH-ULU
* Length: 24.6 ft
* Wingspan: 43.65 ft
* Height: 6,73 ft
* Wing area: 215.28 sq ft
* MTOW: 1587.3 lb
* Empty: 936 lb
* Power: 45 Salmson AD9 radial
* Max speed: 76 kt
* Ceiling: 15748 ft
* Range: 351 nm

The virtual model.
Built with Abacus Aircraft Factory 99 and animated with Abacus Aircraft Animator. Parts Count is at a very modest 87% and bleedthrough problems are minimal. Pressing the "l" key will make the pilot appear.

Flight Dynamics.
Take off: about 35 Kt
Cuise: 65-70 Kt
Top Speed: 76 Kt
Approach and landing: 40-50 Kt
Stall: 30 Kt

These wooden and canvas textures have been carefully prepared by Udo Entenmann. The pilot now has a textured uniform.

Custom panel based on a photo of the Klemm L.25, by Udo Entenmann, with guages by Freeflight design group.

Legal stuff:
This aircraft is freeware, and cannot be sold. No responsibility is taken for any loss or damage incurred directly or indirectly from its use. The original unaltered aircraft files may be freely distributed, uploaded, downloaded
and shared. Please maintain proper credit, of course, and make no financial gain whatsoever.

Stephan Scholz