FS2004 Grob Twin III Acro

FS2000 Author: Max Roodveldt twin3vet,exe 2003

2d panel's Kts-Feet system Gauges by David Rowberry
Compass by Wolfgang Piper

Cockpit sound: xvop-p51 wind


Install: FS2004 AIRCRAFT\Grob3Twin (If needing: Modules too)

Tow Start: Please UNchecked the 'Unlimited Fuel' option in the Realism menue.

- See 2d panel (front only, instruments set-up from a real Grob today)
- Full power , Ctrl-E if needing for engine, take-off.
- About 5 minutes 'tow' flight times:

climb: 4 - 6 m/s 10
speed: 130 - 160 km/h 70
altitude: 1400 - 1900 metres 4800

- EGT gauge going to zero at the end of tow (zero fuel).

Both front - rear dynamic VC (walk: Ctrl- Enter/Backspace Space ect).
CAV II Vario control in rear VC ...

-- All In One --

Good Luck,