The A-26 Invader for CFS2 and FS2002

Background: This model has been a long time in development. Sometime in the early days of
CFS2, Spin-dry built an FSDS model but it was never painted. Nevertheless, it was a popular
model. He later said he would not be developing it further pending a remake and also related to
his new work with a pay ware developer. Two of the Old Geezers contacted Spinny and
asked if they could complete the model. At that time, the intent was merely to polish it up a bit and do a number of skins. The FSDS model was nearly completed when GMAX arrived on
the Scene. Ed Wilson (GZR_Groundhog) and JP Demmerle (GZR Graywolf) then decide to
start from scratch and build a full range of the versions of the Invader. As with many projects, it continued to grow in scope. A number of other people have been involved in gathering information. The Credits section more fully describes all those involved.

THIS VERSION: The models in this set are for FS2002. There are a number of items unique
to FS2002 that will not work in CFS2 or CFS3. A CFS2 version will be released also. There
are five textures included and they are accommodated in the aircraft configuration folder. They
are as follows:
1. 6th Chadwick from Korea
2. B-26K from Viet Nam
3. B-26B-Sugarland Express from WW2
4. Air Spray- A civilian modification used for aerial Spraying
5. Fire Eater- From the movie

INSTALLATION: This is a typical install. First unzip the files to a temporary folder. There
are two principle zip files. One for the Airplanes and one for the gauges. The only included
gauges are those specific to these airplanes. Default gauges should be in your own files.

1.Create a new folder named "A26B_Invader" or name an aircraft folder to your choice.

2.Unzip the into that new folder. This will establish all the folders
needed for the airplane to operate.

3.Cut and Paste the new aircraft folder into your FS2002 aircraft directory.

4.Unzip the contents of the 'FS2002 A26 Gauges. Zip' into your FS2002 gauges folder.
They are individual gauge and NOT a separate folder.
--All the individual gauges from the zip file.

5.That should be all that you need to do-Start FS2002 and look in the aircraft menu
under 'Douglas.' You should find all 5 versions ready to fly.

FEATURES: This is a GMAX model. Ed Wilson and JP Demmerle have worked several
months on modeling the key features of this airplane and animating them for FS2002 and CFS2.

1. Fully Animated Control Surfaces, Cowl Flaps, Landing Gear, Flaps, Bomb Bay Doors,
and Canopy. These operate with standard FS2002 keys,icons, or switches.

2. Full 2D and 3D cockpits with operating instruments. These are on original bitmaps
created by JP Demmerle. They are based on photos, diagrams and verbal reports. The virtual interior views are a result of hard work by Ed Wilson.

3. Several 2D pop-up panels which are representative of possible configurations. These
were mostly created to allow use of the FS2002 systems for ATC, GPS, and also to provide control elements for the various Airplanes. The panel features will be described separately.

4. A Standard set of FS2002 lights are included. These include Navigation lights, cockpit
lights, Strobe/beacon lights and Landing lights.


1. These panels are based on outstanding original bitmaps created by JP. They are fully
complimented and enhanced by original gauges created specifically for the A26 by
Chuck Dome. A number of other gauges are used including the RLC series from the
P-61, Gryphon switches and gauges and several others whose origins are lost. We hope
you enjoy the results.

2. There are a number of pop-up panels that are operated by either standard FS2002
icons or toggle switches or both. The following is a list of those panels:

a.Gunsight- not used in FS2002 but you can have it up or invisible for atmosphere.

b.Control Yoke and Hydraulic Hand Pump

c.Radio Stack- Standard set of Comm 1 &2, Nav 1 & 2, ADF, DME,
Transponder and Audio Panel

d.Navigation Panel and Autopilot- Has clock to vary sim rate or just time, ADF
indicator, Directional Gyro, VOR 1 & 2 instruments,Fuel Quantity Gauge, Nav/GPS selector switch, and Lear Autopilot.

e.Standard MS GPS gauge

f.An external 'formation' view with 3 other A-26s.

THE VIRTUAL COCKPIT: Ed Wilson created all The Virtual Cockpit and Interior views.
Full Panning is supported and all the instruments function in the VC view.
The control yoke and throttle quadrant also feature-moving parts. Be sure to check the interiors of the wheel wells and bomb bays in exterior view.
You can Zoom in or out in VC view to change perspective from the cockpit.

1.There are some general notes on how the A-26 should be operated in the 'check' files
within the model folder

2. The use of instruments is the same as any other aircraft. You might find it convenient to
open both the radio stack and the Navigation panel to set up your flight.

a. The heading bug on the Directional Gyro will also change the heading on the autopilot

b. Selecting NAV on the autopilot will cause the Autopilot to follow the VOR heading if one is selected and in Range

c. Selecting NAV on the autopilot with a GPS track as your flight plan will track the GPS leg-BUT THE GPS/NAV SWITCH MUST BE IN THE GPS position!!!

d. Selecting HDG on the autopilot will cause the airplane to turn to the heading
under the Bug on the Directional Gyro.

e. The Autopilot does not track the ADF at all. You must use the heading bug to follow an ADF track.

3. The configuration is set-up to use the fire retardant drop available at the AVSIM
website. the file name is "" It functions using the smoke key in
FS2002 "I." There is a smoke switch on the right side of the panel, but for some reason
it does not work correctly.

4.The Spoiler key '/ ' will open and close the bomb-bay. There is a light on the right side
of the panel (on the small sub panel) that will light up when the bomb-bay is open.

CREDITS: There were a number of people involved in this project over the approximately 18
months it has been in progress. It owes a lot of its life to the Old Geezers Flight Sim Squad. The Geezers provided the contact points and the magnet that pulled the project together originally. After that, it took on a life of its own. As noted in the background paragraph, It originated with Spin-dry's unfinished A-26. From that beginning it has become a totally new model-essentially built from scratch. *** The major exception was the use of 714th programs and spreadsheets to build the air files. The Old Geezers are not much for on-line flying. Mostly they are guys interested in developing and playing with the add-on capabilities offered in CFS2 and FS2002. A great number of people have provided advice, gauges, scenery, and methods that were used in this model.

In addition, Charles Hinton must be singled out as a Korean War Veteran and A-26
Crewmember who provided outstanding encouragement, advice, photographs and contact with
people who flew or do fly the A-26.

Principal Designers:
Ed Wilson- GZR "Groundhog" did the primary models, the VC, the interiors, and the primary
air and animation modeling

JP Demmerle-GZR "Graywolf"- All the bitmaps for the cockpit and all the Textures for the
exteriors. JP was also the 'whip' to keep things moving

Hermann 'Krazy" Boltz- Did all the effects, much of the configuration and the lighting for

Charles "Chuck" Dome- Original gauges specifically for this A26 model. All were built from
scratch and they are much appreciated

Ric Charlebois-GZR "Frenchy" testing, suggestions and Scenery for the CFS2 Version

Marv Howell- GZR "Sactargets"- research and coordination.

YOU USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! This panel has been tested on several
different computers and running different Operating systems. The
designers do not assume any responsibility for damage to your flight sim
program, operating system or computer. You install and run this panel
and aircraft at your own risk.

This aircraft is freeware. It will not be bought, sold, or traded for profit without the
written permission of JP Demmerle and Ed Wilson. This aircraft may NOT be
uploaded to another site, re-textured, and re-posted without proper permission from
the designers. Gauges labeled GA.* are the property of Gryphon Aviation and any
gauge labeled A26***.gau are the property of Chuck Dome and may not be used
without permission.

The gauges may be used by other panel designers subject to the following
restrictions :

1.The gauge names and bitmaps can not be altered without permission
2.Proper credit is given in the documentation
3.These gauges may not be used in any aircraft or panel for which money is
exchanged in ANY form.

These gauges may not be loaded as separate items to any website, bbs, or other media
without express written consent of Gryphon Aviation and Chuck Dome. These files
(aircraft, panel, sound, and gauges) are not warranted in any fashion. The builders
have taken all precautions possible and have found no damage to any system running
them, but make no warranties as to function, applicability, or as to damage to any
system on which they are placed.

NOTE: The designers of some gauges could not be located or provided proper credit. Should
there be any concern about the use of those gauges notify one of the designers and the gauge
will be removed or proper credit given. We have secured permission from the designers in most