FS2004 Chile Pack2 Soaring Scenery

These files adds some thermals to default Microsoft Scenery ,over Chilean below Regions:

1.Chillan City - Gen.Bernardo O┬┤Higgins Airp(ICAO - SCCH);

2.Temuco City - Maquehue Airp(ICAO - SCTC);

3.Pelicano City - Pelicano Airp(ICAO - SCEC);

4.Panguilemo City - Panguilemo Airp.(ICAO - SCTL);

5.Tocopilla City - Barriles Airp.(ICAO - SCBE);

6.Taltal City - Las Breas Airp.(ICAO - SCTT);

7.Valennar City - Valennar Airp.(ICAO - SCLL).

It completes Chile Pack1.

It is freeware.

Goods flights and better landings

By Francisco Vargas.