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Originally Designed : Remi Moreau
Redesigned : Al Rees
Repaint Version 2 : Peter Batko & Ray Seppala

Version 2.0

The wide fuselage triple jet Falcon 900B is an intercontinental aircraft
(range 4000 miles) with short runway capability.
Its wide and silent cabin can be organised into three compartiments. It can
accomodate up to 19 passagenrs. The Falcon 900B is equipped with three
AlliedSignal TFE 731-5BR jet engines providing 4750 lg of thrust a take off.

Characterisitics :

Lenght : 66ft 4 in
Span : 63ft 5in
Height : 24ft 9in
Wing area : 527 sq.ft
Cabin lenght : 39 ft
Equipped empty weight : 22610 lb
Max payload : 4785 lb
Max fuel : 19165 lb
Max take off weight : 45500 lb
VMO/MMO : 350 to 370 kt
M 0.87
Range : 4000 nm

Fly :

Well its a very strange aircraft. You can cruise a 47000ft (direct climb)
at a max cruise speed of Mach 0.87 and then the approach speed is very slow,
109 kts IAS (yes 109 kts!).

For take off, flaps 5, rotation at about 120 kts depending on the weight
of fuel.
Then you can climb directly to FL450 for high cruise.
For the approach, start with flaps 5 then on the glide, gear down and
flap 20, 30 and 40. The approach speed on short final must be about 109 kts
IAS. When overflying the beginning of the runway, cut the throttle, and make
a kiss landing, using the spoiler if you want.
You can use reverse but only the engine 2 can make reverse
(use the key E 2 for selecting the engine).

It's a very safe aircraft, hope you will like flying it.

For the visual, some problem on the middle engine at specific view.
Also, front and back view are not very perfect.

The decorations if the Republique Francaise. This aircraft is used by
the ETEC, squadron use for the transport of french VIP. They have two
Falcon 900B used for the transport of the President or Prime Minister.

I hope to make a civilian decoration soon.

Any comments are welcome.

Greetings go to Jean Michel Bertrand for his help finding the documentions.

Greetings DON'T go to Dassault for not answering my request about plans on
Falcon 900 and 2000.

Copyright :

You can distribute these files freely as long as no charge are made for them.
Do not put it on CD ROM without my written permission.

Contact :

@ Remi Moreau

Email : remimoreau@hotmail.com

October 1996


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* By Al Rees *
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* By Peter Batko & Ray Seppala *
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This aircraft is utilised by 34SQN Royal Australian Air Force, is painted white upper fuselage, lilght grey lower fuselage
with blue stripes and 'skippy' roundels displayed, plus the squadron crest and Aussie flag located next to the entry door.
Based at RAAF Fairbairn, Australian Capital Territory,
these aircraft carry out many transport missions for VIPs and Members of Parliment,
with an air of grace and agility which is shown in it's lines.

Not many, Remi produced a beautiful flight and texture model, which once converted to FS98 only needed some tweeking (well done Remi). The Aircraft is an accurate representation of one based at Fairbairn, and I will leave it up to you all to decide if it is good or not.

** REPAINT VERSION 2 ** (Ray and Pete)

Al's paint job was not too accurate (sorry Al!). Since both Pete and I (Ray) work on the aircraft at 34 Squadron we thought that an accurate (or as close as we could get it) paint scheme should be available. Otherwise Al's (and Remi's) model is great.

FUTURE (Al again)
I currently have accurate cockpit photo's and will endevour to create a panel that can be used
with this aircraft, but as I am new to the panel creation side, this may take a while (anyone willing to help on this??).

See above


Al Rees

Email: arees@pcug.org.au

July 98

NB: The original text has been retained to acknowledge the original designers efforts and abilities.

Repaint Contact

Ray Seppala

Email: seppala@dynamite.com.au

October 1998

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The Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria has actually two Falcon 900.
This aircraft is mainly used for the transportation of Algerian governmental VIP personalities as the president, prime minister and Height officers of the army.

Original registration: F-WWFM
Actual Registration: 7T-VPB

Repaint Contact
"Algeria_Sim" - Souheil Mehri

Email: algeria_sim@hotmail.com
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January 2001