* FAP F-16B Fighting Falcon *
* for FS98\FS2000\CFS *

* Installation *

UnZip to your FS98\FS2000\CFS Aircraft folder using
Winzip or similar program making sure the "INCLUDE
SUBFOLDERS" box is checked.

* Specifications *

Portuguese F-16 specifications at:

Portuguese air force official web site:

* Authors *

**** Repaint by Tiago Costa ****

This aircraft was repainted with the authorization
of Colin Norwood (c) and may not be repainted
again, all changes may be done to original version
with his written permission.

This aircraft is freeware, that means you don't have
to pay for it.
Commercial use is forbiden, except with my and
Colin Norwood permission.

Nothing in these files will damage your computer
and authors will accept no liability.
These files are offered with no warrantees,
implied or written.

This file may not be bundled with any other files
without the author's written permission.

email: Tiagorc@hotmail.com

Tiago Costa December 2000

***Original by Colin Norwood*** (original readme of KLU F-16B below)

Word Wrap On!

F16B Fighting Falcon J-265 from 313Sqn KLU had this scheme applied during 1999 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of NATO . it was seen at RIAT99 held at RAF Fairford.
The F16B is the 2 seat version used for advanced training but still 100% air to ait capable

- the aircraft features: complete moving control surfaces, Undercarriage, Glass canopy, 3d Pilots, virtual cockpit, afterburner and dp file for cfs users

Happy Flying

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credits must go to the following:
Rune Foshaug: the original F16A Afx - from which this was heavily converted
Microsoft : Flight Simulator 98,2000 and CFS
Abacus - Aircraft Factory 99 and Aircraft Animator


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Colin Norwood


Original Readme below
General Dynamics F-16A+, Royal Norwegian Air Force

F-16 aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator


--- F-16 ---

The General Dynamics F-16 "Fighting Falcon" was the winner of the
USAF Lightweight Fighter (LWF) competition in the early 1970's.
It was designed as a light, relatively inexpensive dogfighter,
with much attention given to maneouvreability and high
thrust-to-weight ratio.

During the years since then, the F-16 has emerged as a very capable
multi role / all weather combat aircraft, and has seen successfull
service in many countries world wide.

One of those countries is Norway. The Royal Norwegian Air Force
(RNoAF) ordered 72 Fighting Falcons (60 F-16A and 12 F-16B), with
delivery starting in 1980. Norwegian F-16's are recognisable by the
brake chute container under the tail fin (although other countries
have this fairing as well, to contain brake chutes, ECM etc).

Today, about 25 years later, the F-16 is still going strong, both as
a type in the Royal Norwegian Air Force and as a possible future
replacement for the Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighters still in service
in Norway.

--- This aircraft ---

The aircraft depicted here (serial 655) is based at Bodø Air Station.
It was present at The Midnight Sun International Air Show at
Bardufoss Air Station on 28th June 1998, where it gave a truly
magnificent display. I have never before seen an aircraft performing
such an impressive display! So I used photographs from that day as
basis for my textures on the aircraft.

I hope you will enjoy it. If you feel like repainting/rebuilding it
to the air force of another country, please do so.

This aircraft is freeware. Please distribute it, but do not make any
money on it. Have fun...

--- Installation ---

1. Create a directory called "F-16", "F-16NORW", "FALCON" or
something like that under your af5 directory.

2. UnZip the F-16NORW.ZIP file into this directory

3. Move the F-16A.AIR file to the FLTSIM5\PILOTS directory

4. Move the F-16A.0AF, F-16A.1AF, F-16A.2AF etc. to the

5. Start Flight Simulator and select the aircraft.

6. Go flying!

If you want to repaint the aircraft, you must unpack the F-16A.AFX
file from Flight Shop.


This aircraft was created by Rune Foshaug (runefoss@stud.cs.uit.no).