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FS2004 Scenery EDHI Version 4.0 / Airport Hamburg-Finkenwerder, Germany

(=> Deutsche Anleitung siehe EDHI40ge.htm)


What's new in Version 4.0?
Setting the Scenery Complexity (static Scenery)
Setting the Scenery Complexity (dynamic Scenery)
Using EDHI with Freeware-Scenery "Hamburg2003" or commercial scenery
Frequencies EDHI
Some Information about Hamburg-Finkenwerder
Modifying the AFCAD-File
Known Bugs/FAQ
Contacting the Author


This Scenery is Freeware. If you don't change the files in this archive
EDHI_40.zip, you are allowed to give a copy to everyone you want.
Without written permission by the author it is not allowed to publish
this archive on disk or CD-ROM. Publishing this file in the Internet is
only allowed, when access is free of any charge!. In other words: don't
make money with it!


I provided this scenery and installation guide "with the best of my
knowledge and confidence". However, you will use this scenery at your
own risk. I do not take responsibility for any problems or damages to
your system which may arise after the installation. Please read the
installation instructions BEFORE you start.


* MS Flight Simulator 2004 (FS2004)
* Approx. 11 MB free space on harddisk

What's new in Version 4.0?

* All textures changed to 16-bit Format
* Aprons and taxiways in FS2004-Format
* Added AFCAD2-file for EDHI with many additional park positions
(this file also controls the visual scenery)
* Many new 3D-Objects plus revision of existing ones (ex. buildings)
* Complete repositioning of all objects (based on an original ground
map from Airbus)
* Runway length and width increased
* New Aprons on "Mühlenberger Sand"
* ... and many other minor changes...


1. Please remove previous versions of EDHI before installing this
version (see chapter Deinstallation <#Deinstallation>).
2. Please remove any other 3^rd -Party AFCAD-file for EDHI (make a
backup before). These files are usually installed in folder
..\FS2004\Addon Scenery\Scenery [replace "FS2004" by the name of
your FlightSimulator main folder] and have the name convention
AF2_xxxx.bgl where xxxx is the ICAO-Code for the airport.

This version of EDHI comes with an own AFCAD-file AF2_EDHI.bgl
which also controls the visual scenery (runways, taxiways, aprons).

3. Unpacking:

If you unzip the archive with options "Use Pathnames" and "All
Files", then all files and folders in this archive will be copied into
the folder you have specified as destination. This folder should be
"FS2004\Addon Scenery" or the folder where you keep all of your Addon

Otherwise you have to proceed manually with the following steps:

1. Unzip EDHI_40.zip to a temporary folder.
2. Create a folder named "EDHI" in FS2004/Addon Scenery folder.
Enter this EDHI folder and create three folders with names: "Doc",
"Scenery" and "Texture".
3. From the unzipped file, copy all *.bgl-files to folder
4. Copy all files with extensions *.txt, *.htm, *.jpg and *.gif to
folder ...\EDHI\Doc.
5. Copy all other files to folder ...\EDHI\Texture.

4. In FS2004 you have to install the EDHI Scenery:
· Start FS2004
· Click Settings... in FS2004 startup menu.
· Click on Scenery Library
· Click on Add Area...
· In the File Select Dialogue window find and select the EDHI
folder from your Scenery Folder.
· Click OK. You will return to the previous dialogue where you
can move the EDHI scenery up or down in the scenery list.
· If you have scenery Hamburg2003 or SG2 it is recommended to
place EDHI above these sceneries.

If you are not familiar with these procedures, please consult the FS
Help files.

You can now take your aircraft to EDHI with the airport menu, just
search for "Finkenwerder" or the ICAO-Code "EDHI".


1. In FS2004 remove this scenery from your scenery library:
· Click Settings... in the FS startup menu.
· Click Scenery Library...
· Mark the Edhi scenery item and click button Delete Area.
· Exit Flight Simulator.

2. In Windows Explorer remove the Edhi-Folder from your scenery folder.

If you are not familiar with this procedure, please consult the FS Help


* This scenery was made with the Freeware-Tools "Airport V. 2.10"
by Pascal Meziat, Don Mc Ewen and Manfred Moldenhauer (SCASM,
integrated in "Airport"). At the end I used the newest version of
this program, "Airport V. 2.60", which was devoloped by Tom
Hiscox. The XML-Code of this scenery was made with Tom Hiscox
"SceneGenX". The Beluga was generated with M98toBGL by Trevor de
Stigter. The .bmp-Textures were finished with Bmp2000 and
DXTBmp by Martin Wright. Another great tool I used is Easy
Object Designer (EOD) by Matthias Brückner. Ground textures were
made with Ground2K4 by Christian Fumey. AFCAD-File created with
AFCAD 2.21 by Lee Swordy.
* Thanks to all the developers of these tools and their helpers.
Without them we won't have most of the freeware addons for Flight

* Some cars by Arne Kintzel.
* Ships by Jorge Pagano.
* Fire brigade cars by Andrej Urosevic
* Aircrafts:

+ Airbus A300-600ST Beluga: Lars Kornstaedt
+ Super Guppy: J.Crous/D.McQueen

* Last not least: Special Thanks to the Beta-Testers Rainer Lund
and Juan L. Trujillo, III.
* Juan has not only tested this scenery, he also spent a lot of work
in checking and optimizing the AFCAD-file. Special thanks for his
great lessons in designing AFCAD-files. Moreover, he checked and
corrected the english manuals. Thanks again, Juan!
* ... and thanks to *Dirk Brandenburg* for his Hamburg2003-Scenery.

Setting the Scenery Complexity (static Scenery)

· Switch Scenery Density to "Very Dense" to see all details.
· Activate option "Ground Scenery Shadows".
· To avoid low frame rates on slow computers switch back scenery
density. "Normal" density should do on most systems.

Setting the Scenery Complexity (dynamic Scenery)

* Activate option "Dynamic Scenery".

Important: To see the moving dikedoor, dynamic scenery density
must be at least "Very Sparse". In FS2004 the default for dynamic
scenery is "inactive", you may have to change this. The dikedoor opens
only for aircraft which are at least more than 2 meters high (the Cessna
does not work). It cannot work if other dynamic scenery from a
different airport is active.

Using EDHI with Freeware-Scenery "Hamburg2003" or commercial scenery SG2

A great Freeware scenery "Hamburg 2003" is available
at http://people.freenet.de/dbrandenburg .

In scenery Hamburg2003 (and in commercial scenery SG2) coastlines are
different from the FS2004 stock scenery. To improve compatibility with
these sceneries use the file "Lighthouses_for_HH2003.bg_" instead of
"Lighthouses_edhi_only.bg_". Just replace the underscore ("_") in ".Bg_"
with a small "L". If you do this you have to deactivate the file
"Lighthouses_edhi_only.bgl" by replacing the small "L" in ".Bgl" with an
underscore. These files can be found inside the folder EDHI\Scenery.

Frequencies EDHI

Tower 123.25
ILS Rw 05 110.70
ILS Rw 23 108.50

Some Information about Hamburg-Finkenwerder

EDHI is the airport of Airbus Deutschland, located on the
south-west side of Hamburg directly at the river Elbe. It is the place
where Airbus A318, A319 and A321 are final-assembled and go airborne for
the first time. Customers for A318, A319 and A321 get their new
aircrafts in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. All A380s will get their cabin
equipment and painting in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. Beginning in 2006 A380s
will be delivered to European or Near-East customers from here, while
all other A380-customers get their aircraft in Toulouse, France.

Additionally the Airbus A300-600ST Beluga visits EDHI several times a week.

Information about the aircrafts delivered from EDHI is available at
www.airbus.com. Very nice photos of aircraft at Hamburg-Finkenwerder can
be found at http://www.fuairliner.de/ . At
http://www.airliners.net/open.file/658952/L/ you can find an aerial
photo of EDHI from September 2004.

The expansion of the plant and the airport was difficult because an
important road and a dike divide the old and the new airport area in
two parts. For this reason aircrafts have to cross both the dike and
the road when they use the new apron (Ramp 2) on the south-east side.
The dike can be opened with a door of more than 80 meters long and
the traffic on the road has to wait some minutes when stoplights are
switched to red. It is very funny, when you sit in a car, stop lights
get red and there is an airbus crossing the road right in front of you ...

Another thing to tell about EDHI is the radar equipment for this
airport. Because aircrafts have to cross the river Elbe in very low
altitude there is the risk of a collision with big ships. For this
reason final approach on Rwy 23 is controlled by special radar
equipment, which considers ship traffic too.

The visual scenery is based on photos and maps published in regional
newspapers, own photos, videos and detailed maps of Hamburg. Also,
Airbus published some information about the expansion of EDHI including
maps and drawings. These documents were available at an
Information-Container located on the new Parking Lot Area Nessdeich
(north of Buildings 102/103). The opening times of this container can be
found inside the scenery (switch density to ?Extremely dense?). In
reality the Information-Container is closed since May 31st, 2005.

In reality, the airport, some new hangars, and buildings are still under
construction. For a scenery designer it is impossible to follow all the
changes right in time ;-( The new aprons and taxiways on the
"Mühlenberger Sand" are not ready yet, so I had to guess a little bit
about their final appearance. Moreover, the runway is to be extended in
south west direction (589 m / 1932 ft). A lot to do for the next version
of EDHI ... This Version 4.0 shows the state of May, 2005.

Modifying the AFCAD-File

Please be aware that changing the AFCAD-file "AF2_EDHI.bgl" may also
change the visual scenery. It is strongly recommended to make a
backup before.

Known Bugs/FAQ

* If neither runway nor taxiways are visible please check that any
older version of EDHI was removed before installation
of this version.
* If runway, aprons or taxiways seem to be on wrong positions please
check that no other AFCAD-file for EDHI is active.
* Moving dikedoor does not work for AI-Aircrafts.
* Moving dikedoor does not work, if option Dynamic Scenery
is unchecked (this is the default in FS2004, so you may have
to change this).
* If you have scenery German Airports 3 which also contains dynamic
scenery, the dynamic dikedoor only works if EDHI is active first
(it is recommended to create a flight starting in
Hamburg-Finkenwerder and to start FS2004 with this flight to
achieve this). The reason is that I have set the scenery
boundaries of EDHI rather narrow to avoid conflicts with other
* Moving dikedoor does not operate with small aircraft like Cessna.
Beta-Testers reported that it does not work with some 3rd-party
aircraft, too.
* To remove the ships you can rename file
..\Edhi\Scenery\edhi_ships.bgl to edhi_ships.bg_ .

Contacting the Author

Frank Zimmermann,
Buxtehude, Germany
E-Mail zimfra@web.de

Previous versions of EDHI have been downloaded thousands of times. I'm
glad of that, because in the meantime it accumulates to more than 1000
hours of work. So I'm looking forward to your feedback. If you like -
just send me an email. I will show it to my wife, when she again
complains about this very time-consuming hobby. Of course she is right,
as always ;-) My children are impressed with emails from far away, too.

Always happy landings ...

June 2005