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I changed runway numbers also forgot to change the taxisigns. I also added new static aircraft and helicopters. I found the wind turbine is located in island NW of INV. I also added 2 oil rigs included helicopters on pad. I changed hangers looks reality than default building. I saw the youtube.com for landing in INV and caught the Radar tower so I put the new Radar tower. Sorry about that The first one was not best one. Now, it looks much better designed. Please download new objects see list new addon.

Please read this below important that you may need new add library object.

You need to download if you don't have them see below files:

NEW ADDON:** or >>

*** lens_ez_animated.zip SurClaro.com ****
NEW>>>> *** warehouse_airplanes_commercial_prop.zip SurClaro.com ****

lights_ss_v2p.zip flightsim

fs9_jetways_ss_2_v2.zip flightsim

fs9_jetways_ss_1_v2.zip flightsim

fs9_custombuildings_ss_1_v2.zip flightsim

lights_ss_v2p.zip flightsim

ssf9cb1.zip flightsim

small_airport_objects_3.zip SurClaro.com

baggage_carts_ss.zip SurClaro.com

Please readme installation from these files zip.

You will need to addon scenery\scenery just only all bgl's files.

Please put the new ADE9 file into Addon scenery\scenery. Be ensure that you have old AFCAD file to rename or remove any file AF2_EGPE.bgl in your folder.

Don't need to scenery setting to activation. You may go start run FS2004. That's it.


Stuart Gilbert

Any questions please email me:

B i g 7 7 7 j e t (at) a o l ~d o t~ c o m

(reason scammers can't search through system email. Hehe lol)