FS2002 Boeing 767 Soundpack V 1.0!!
Now for the first time available for FS2002!!


Welcome to my second sound project for FS2002!!

This is an EXCELLENT Boeing 767 sound package for FS2002. It was created as a collaborative effort between Aaron R. Swindle and myself, and I'm certain that this is the most accurate, realistic 767 sound package yet available for FS2002!!


After releasing my first sound package, 757sound.zip, I installed that sound package into one my my Boeing 767s. For some reason, the sound just didnt feel right on a 767, it needed to sound deeper, more powerful, after all, the 767 is a BIG plane, and well, it just needed to sound like it. So, I decided to get to work on a new 767 sound package. This is the result! You can use this with any Boeing 767, and even a 757 if you want to, but I recommend using 757sound.zip for all of your 757s, as this sound pacakge BELONGS to the 767, take a listen and you'll understand what I mean. :)

I based this sound package on the sounds I heard from 767s taking off from SLC Int'l airport during the 2002 Olympics. As far as I can tell, this sound package matches the real aircraft 100% :)

What I did:
Source sounds. 1st, and 4th exterior engine sounds, edited 2nd and 3rd exterior sounds. External reverse thrust. All warning sounds, gear sounds. Mixing and editing, transitional effects.

What Aaron did:
Sound.cfg file, mixing and editing. Original 2nd and 3rd exterior sounds, all interior sounds. Internal reverse thrust, wind sound, ground roll sounds, flap and touchdown sounds.

OK, now that you know what you have, how about some installation instructions!


It's easy, just follow these instructions:

Extract this entire ZIP into the SOUND folder of the aircraft of your choice, for example:

C:\Flight Sim 2002\aircraft\POSKY Canadian 767-300ER\sound

Click YES if asked to overwrite anything!!

That's all there is to it, load up your Boeing 767 in FS2002 and go flying!!


You may have a few questions about this soundpack, I will address the most common ones here:

1. Why do I sometimes hear a hissing noise with this soundpack?

A: The reason is that there is a bug in the FS2002 sound engine that deforms sound sometimes. If you are flying and suddenly you get a hissing noise, or the sound changes into something weird, hit the "Q" key to turn sound off, then hit it again. It should put your sound back to normal. If it doesnt, reselect the aircraft. Sorry, I can't fix this problem.

2. Sometimes your package sounds like it's being played through a carboard tube, why do I get this echo effect?

A: Same reason as above, FS2002 sound engine. Hopefully those boys at Microsoft will fix this in FS2004.

3. This sound pack is very large in size, how do I use this sound with my other 757s without eating my hard drive space?

A: Simple, you use aliasing. The way I do this is:

Create a folder in your main FS2002/aircraft directory called "767Sound". Extract this sound package into that folder. Now go into the sound folder of the aircraft you want to use this soundpack with. There should be a file there that says "sound.cfg". Open it with a text editor. You should see something like this:


Change it to this:


Save the file. Now copy this sound.cfg into all the sound folders of the aircraft you want to use this soundpack with. Now load up FS2002, select your aicraft, and you should hear this soundpack.

Hope this works for you!!

If you have any comments or questions, you can email me at:


Or you can email Aaron Swindle at:


Be sure to download my newest aircraft, BOEING DEMONSTRATOR 757-200, now available at SurClaro! :D

Note: If you experience ANY problems at all with this sound, please e-mail me and let me know. Your complaints make better sound packages!!

This sound is FREEWARE!!! That means PLEASE don't make money off it. All copyrights and restrictions belong to Aaron Swindle and Brandon Williams. Copyright infringment is punishable by law. You are welcome to use these sounds where you like, and in your own sound package if you like, but you MUSt give credit to the original authors. All rights reserved.

Have fun flying!! :DD

Brandon A. Williams- Scenery/Aircraft developer, SurClaro

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