Some explanations about the flight dynamics of the FA-223,
in order to abbreviate your studies to find out how ...
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For myself it was a bit strange: I was flying an aircraft with large extensions
to the sides, and unwillingly I was using the ailerons like with a propeller
aircraft! But it isn't, it's a helicopter. This needs smaller inputs to the


When the aircraft is on the runway you see the nose-down attitude it has already
in this position. So it does not want to lift off straight up but to roll ahead
at first. So let it roll. With a corresponding position of the joystick (which you
must find out), controlling the elevator, it will lift off without a pull on the
elevator at a speed of 4 kts. Mostly you can continue the climb and gain speed
at the same time without any more changes of thrust or elevator. (Correct the
heading with slight inputs to the rudder.)

Flight: Fly comfortably at medium speeds of 60 to 85 kts.


It also likes to land with some motion forwards. Begin the last phase of descent for
landing at a speed of about 45 kts as usual with helicopters. Be patient and don't
decend too fast. Don't try to lift it with the elevator. Add the needed lift now and
then to keep the descent slow.

Smooth landings with this exceptional helicopter of the epoch of the pioneers!

Christoph Ruhtenberg