Greetings, and thanks for downloading our files!

The Aeroworks Concept I was our first Concept Plane, released in 2000 for FS7. It is, and was released in two different models: The ARX-1A is a straightforward unpowered glider with excellent gliding performance, while the ARX-1B is a heavier powered version with a slightly higher stall speed and a full feathering prop that allows comparable gliding performance.

For best use of this plane, it is recommended to try the gliding tutorials in FSX to familiarize yourself with use of the variometer and different types of soaring - thermals & ridges - in order to get the fullest enjoyment of this plane in FSX.

The ARX-1 was originally designed after RC gliders, with basic technology from the default FS2000 Schweizer. So it does not have negative flaps, water ballast, or retractable gear. As our first Concept, it is purposely built to be incredibly simple, reliable, docile, and mildy aerobatic.

Thanks and enjoy the plane!
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Aircraft and Panel by Jason Terry
Push-button starter by Mike Vivaldi
German Scheme textures by Brady Duros.

If you have any problems, requests, repaints, please email me!
[email protected]
Jason Terry 2012