Canadian Proudwings Boeing 737-217/adv For FS2002

the most realistic 737-200 ever made for msfs2002 at the time!!..
features almost all the cool gmax features of the gmax modelling system
with 64 sided fuselage,all the moving control surfaces ,rolling wheels,
moving pitch and aileron trims,opening doors ,retractable stairs,cargo doors
steerable front landing gear,animated compressing struts,animated reversers buckets
transparent canopy with 3d pilots inside,dark windshield glass,3d gear bays,
sliding flaps and outboard slats,fs2002 style landing light,beacon lights,
nav lights,strobe lights and logo lights,fs2002 style night lighting,
1024x1024 and 512x512 textures and accurate and realistic flight dynamics

Model and Aircraft Package: YeoDesigns Group

I have included a graphic scaled down version of the aircraft for ai purposes has not been tested.
Repainted & uploaded By Shane Strong

Thanks to the YeoDesigns Group for the ability to repaint this fine gmax model

Model Information

YeoDesigns is proud to release the final Version of our Boeing 737-200 v2 Series. This Model is the culmination of many months work by our groups members, and features all the great G-MAX effects you have come accustom too.

We would like to thank all the people who providing help, information and input into this project, it was all muchly appreciated :)

Installation Instructions

1. After unzipping your selected aircraft, cut/copy the main folder (containing the model,panel,sound,texture folders and other files into your FS2002 Aircraft Folder (found C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS2002\aircraft)
2.- put the "fx_ydsmoke.fx" into the fs effects folder located on the main folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS2002\effects)
3. Your Boeing 737-200v2 Model is now Installed!!! by defaul it is found in your aircraft selection menu under: Manufacturer=Boeing Type=737-200 Variation=AIRLINE NAME, however you can change this by editing the above fields in the aircraft's aircraft.cfg file

If you have any problems installing this model please stop by our forum and let us know, we'll gladly help you out :)

The YeoDesigns Group