--->how to install it?..<----

read Readme.txt located in this same folder

---->how to open the passenger door ?<----------

press shift+E

-------->how to open the retractable stair ?<-----------

press shift+e then 2 quickly

-------->how to open the cargo doors ?<--------------

use the fold/unfold command ... as i know this option is deactivated by default ..
so enter to the key assigments in the fs .. then .. general aircraft commands then scroll down the commands
until reach the bottom.. then you will notice the key "fold/unfold" ... press change assigment ..
then press the key of your like and then press ok.. i normally use shift+u (personal like) ... but you can use any key you want

--------->how to turn the engine smoke? <--------------

to turn the engine smoke effect you must have installed it first ... read "Readme.txt" if you didnt installed the effect file. ..
....if you did installed the effect file... when you are in the sim .. you can turn on the smoke by press "i" and you will turn on the smoke system effect :o)

-------->how to repaint the plane ?<---------------

all the textures of the 732 are in a special coded format called DXT3 BITMAPS that fs2002 uses
so heres how to convert them

to convert the plane textures to the standard formats you need to do this :

use a dxt image converter such as image tool (included in fs2002 with the gmax gamepack)
or use dxtbmp by martin wright MWgraphics®

where to get the converters ?

imagetool ... (comes with fs2002) normally is in the folder ...C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS2002\gmax\Flightsim\gamepacks\FlightSim

DXTBMP .... you can get it going to this url:


to convert the textures the files on any of these converters and re save to the most suitable file format
i would like to recomend to resave to targa 32bits with alpha (.tga) so the texture preserves his graphic quality
and the alpha that is what makes the plane looks so shiny and metallic :D

when the you have re saved the targa files edit them .. with some graphic editor like paint shop pro or photoshop (both payware)

theres too many options to edit graphics because there are many graphic editos payware and freeware around there...

NOTE: if you dont have an graphic editor unable to manage the targa file format ... yuo will need to use DXTBMP instead of imagetool
then resave to standard bitmap of 24 bits ... edi and paint it ... the re open with dxtbmp .. and look for "export alpha" ..
then it will make a image in black and white ... that will represent the alpha ... open that file ... edit that file as if that was the alpha channel

suggested value to use


paint it all with that .. and you will get a nice looking shiny look of the plane
then save that file .... then open dxtbmp again ... open your painted texture .... and look for import alpha ... import the bitmap that you have edited as the alpha
and save all the painting file as an dxt3 with alpha file .. and you should be done

do you understand what i was trying to say ? ... if not .. please post your problem in our forums or write us a mail via the mailer in policies section of our website

------->is there any paint kit that i can use ??<--------

the paint kits will be available later .. some time after the release so stay tune .. and visit us oftenly .. to know about the latest happenings


regards to all and enjoy painting and flying

YeoDesigns Group