============================= CAMSIM Aviation Simulation ===============================

Aircraft: AeroMexico Boeing 787-8 V2 (AGS upgraded a la Boeing 787 Super 11 and Airbus A350)
Model design and paint by Camil Valiquette.

Site: http://pages.infinit.net/camsim
Mail: camsim@videotron.ca

1- Unzip all the files in your FS2004 /Aircraft folder.

Skip 2 and 3 if you already have one of my AGS aircrafts

2- Unzip the Gauges.zip in your FS2004 main FS folder.(Should goes in Gauges folder)

3- Unzip the Effects.zip in your FS2004 main FS folder.(Should goes in Effects folder)

Animations Info:

This aircraft come with Animated Ground Servicing (AGS)

Press Shift+E to open / close the passenger doors.
Press Shift+D to open / close the cargo doors
Press Shift+F to start / end the animations

To fully used your animation make sure that you add these commands in Options/Controls/Assignments:
1- Wing fold/unfold = SHIFT + F
2- Tail hook up/down = SHIFT + D

-----AGS Install Instructions----

More informations about how to setup your FS2004 or FSX to add animations (AGS) at:


Special notes:

1- This aircraft model is made available for the private use of Microsoft
Flight Simulator enthusiasts. Under no circumstances,
may this zip file, be modify or sold for profit.

2- I have made a quick panel with Christian Kogler, Peter Bedding and Dome Flitwere gauges,
I hope someone will design a better one


It's a freeware