Thanks for download one of my add ons for CFS2/FS2002 !

Limited Copyright:
This package is FREEWARE but:
- You are free to do any freeware work with these files.
- You MUST keep a copy of this file "Original.txt" with any redistribution of these files.
- You dont need to ask permission or special authorization or any of that as long as "Original.txt" file is in your package.
- These files are NOT to be used on any payware sites, payware projects, or freeware sites requiring paid access.

3D Gmax model, animation, texture, panel, Vc panel, dp profile by me,
air file, cfg file is modyfication of stock aircraft files included in CFS2 i FS2002.

Special thanks to:
Discreet for Gmax
Microsoft for Gmax plugin and FS2002 SDK
Doc Moriarty for Mdlcommander
Chris File for Middle Man
Ed Struzynski for CfgEdit
William Roth for AirEd
Yusaku Homma for DPED

and my wife and son for time to make this package.

Krzysztof Malinowski