FS2002/FS2004 features for the pilotable german battleships Bismarck and Tirpitz. This is originaly a CFS2-ship from the package from James Smith and Bruce Baker.
My AddOn provides pilotable ships with bridge, 6 deck views, sounds and special effects. One view showes an Arado-196 placed onto the catapult. Including is a repaint for the usage as Tirpitz, the texture for the bismarck is a little modified from the original.
Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker


1. This is a complete ship. Install it in the aircraft folder.

2. Copy the Gauges and Effects into the mainfolder of FS2004/2002. I can't test my addon in FS2002 but normally all CFS2 stuff runs in FS2002 and also the gauges and effects should work.

Initiate all of the effects or fire the guns with the L-key.

Views: Use the numpad keys.

Remember: Some sounds are only in the panel view mode available or they are very low in the external views

F8-F5 (Flaps): AA-gun
ZZ: (Autopilot disengage): Alarm bells
Shift E (Exit open/close): Gun shot, reloading

Many thanks to James Smith and Bruce Baker, who gave me the permission to upload the pilotable ships.
Many thanks to all of the creative persons, who do such a great work like creating gauges, effects, sounds and other stuff.

This file is FREEWARE. It should not harm your computer, but you install it on your own risk.
Feel free to copy or to distribute it, but don't make any money with it. It is not permitted to use it for commercial-purpose.


More Files with my work at SurClaro or (Searchkey: WELKER)

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Happy landings

Erwin Welker

21th June 2012