FSX Boeing B-9

The Boeing B-9 was the first all metal monoplane bomber produced for the USAAC. It first flew in 1931. It featured a semi-monocoque fuselage and was faster than existing fighter aircraft. It did suffer from pilot visibility problems and the crew stations were not enclosed. It was soon replaced with the sleeker enclosed cockpit Martin B-10 and the later Douglas B-18.
This is a FSX native project. It has the usual animations. The textures are in DXT5.dds format and have a bit of specular shine. The livery is for the planes stationed at Wright Field. I could not find any data on the cockpit layout so I fudged and modeled it after other twins of the same era, notably the Martin B-10. The VC has back lighted gauges for night ops and the flight controls are animated. There is no 2D panel.

INSTALLATION: Unzip BB9vx.zip into a temporary folder. Copy the folder Boeing B-9 into the Airplanes folder of FSX. Open the gauges folder and copy the one file into the Gauges folder of FSX. That's all there is to it.

LEGAL: This project is released as freeware. You may repaint it, make panel modifications and upload to this or another website as long you give me credit for the original design. You need my written permission to use any of these files for commercial purposes. Be advised this project will be uploaded by me to www.SurClaro and www.simviation.com. If you find it and download from another site, I am not responsible for the integrity of the files.
This airplane should not hurt your computer but I am not responsible if you think it causes problems.

Enjoy! Paul Clawson

Email: p.pandj@verizon.net