***** LAN Cargo Boeing 777-F6N *****

FS98 Aircraft

> FS98/2000 Boeing 777-F6N (Long Range Frighter) of LAN Cargo, registration N774LA,
powert by General Electric GE90-110B1L engines.
Features maximum 3D parts, maximum moving parts, maximum textures, AF99 circle, 12 sided fuselage and engines. Landinglights, night lighted tail and checklist.
Designer: Camil Valiquette (ProMax)
Flight Dynamics and repaint by André Lederer (Lionworks)



Unzip the file into an folder of your choice, this should create
the folder "B777-200F LAN Cargo". You can change the name to something
what you like. Then drop this folder to your FS98-AIRCRAFT
folder. You will find this plane in your aircraftr register under: "Boeing 777-F6N LAN Cargo"
The default FSFSConv Panel- and Sound-cfg files been used for
upload. You may install your preferred panel and sounds.

- - - - - - -

Entpacke die Zip und kopiere den Inhalt in einen Ordner mit dem Name "B777-200F LAN Cargo".
Du kannst ihm auch einen belibig anderen Namen geben. Kopiere anschließend diesen Ordner
in den FS98-AIRCRAFT Ordner. Du wirst dieses Flugzeug dann in deinem Aircraft-Auswahlregister
unter der Bezeichnung "Boeing 777-F6N LAN Cargo" finden.
Für den upload hat die Maschine die FSFSConv Panel- und Sound-cfg.
Du kannst diese gerne gegen dein eigenes Panel und deinen eigenen Sound austauchen.



Length 209.0 ft / 63,73 m
Wingspan 212.6 ft / 64,80 m
Height 60.7 ft / 18,52 m
WingArea 5190 ft² / 482 m²
Max TOW: 766,800 lbs / 347.814 kg
Max LW: 492.000 lbs / 223.167 kg
Max Ramp: 768.800 lbs / 348.721 kg
ZFW: 446.000 lbs / 202.268 kg
payload: 222.700 lbs / 101.000 kg
total cargo volume 664,3 cu m
Fuel: 181.264 l / 145.540 Kg / 320.826 lbs / 47.890 gal
Fuel consumpt: 3000-3200 us gal @ FL360 & M0.84
Engine: 2x General Electric GE90-110B1L
Power: 2x 49.900 kp (110.100 lbs / 489.1 Kn)

Cruise Speed: 0.84 Mach
Top speed: 0,87 Mach
Initial Climprate: 2800 feet/min
Top Alt.: 42.000 feet (12.800m)
Range: maximum: 7700 nm / 14260 Km
with max payload: 5200 NM/ 9.630 km
Take Off Max: 100% N1 (5min)*
Max available: 110% N1*
Max continuous: 99% N1*
Climb / Rating II: 96% N1 above FL100
Normal Cruise: 89% N1
* all ratings at 15°C at see level

This flight dynamics are based on Type Certificate Data Sheet No. T00001SE & E00049NE



This aircrafts have the newest version of flight dynamics I made for this type.
Based on Boeing 777 specification I found a short while ago on the Boeing
homepage and aviation DVD's who shows flights in the cockpit (where you can
see the handling and all parameters during the flight). So I make thise
flight dynamics as real as it get and better as everything before!

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Enjoy it!



These files are FREEWARE, its not allowed to be sold or
packaged in any form or medium used and may not be altered
or modified! No responsibility is taken for any loss or damage
incurred directly or indirectly from its use.


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