0=&Preflight, Preflight Checklist
1=&Engine Start, Engine Start Checklist
2=&Before Takeoff, Before Takeoff Checklist
3=&Takeoff, Takeoff Checklist
4=&After Takeoff Climb, After Takeoff CLimb Checklist
5=&Level-off Cruise, Level-off Cruise Checklist
6=&Descent, Descent Checklist
7=&Approach and Landing, Approach and Landing Checklist
8=&After Landing, After Landing Checklist
9=&Shutdown, After Parking Shutdown Checklist

0=Parking Brake Set (CTRL-.).
1=Flight Controls Check.
2=Clock Set.
3=Altimeters Set.

0=Thrust Levers Idle
1=Engine 2 (E-2) Starter On (J-+)
2=Fuel Control On (CTRL-SHIFT-F4)
3=Engine 1 (E-1) Starter On (J-+)
4=Fuel Control On (CTRL-SHIFT-F4)

0=Flaps 5 degrees (F7)
1=Spoilers Down
2=Comm, Nav, Transponder Set
3=Instruments Set
4=Autopilot Set

0=Strobes On (O)
1=Lights On (L)
2=Thrust Set (96%)
3=Vr Rotate 12 degrees nose up 

0=Positive Climb Gear Up (G)
1=V2+20 Flaps UP, Pitch 15degrees (F5)
2=Set NRT (Climb Thrust - Maintain 250IAS until 10,000 MSL)
3=Passing 10,000 MSL Set 290 IAS
4=Passing FL180 Altimeters Set (29.92)

0=Establish Level Flight
1=Set Cruise Power 
2=Thank Abacus for Great Plane and Panel

0=Decent and Approach Procedures Review
1=Reduce Thrust (Maintain 290 IAS)
2=Passing FL180 set Altimeters
3=Passing 10,000 MSL 250 IAS or Lower

0=Approach Review
1=Autopilot As required
2=Spoilers Arm (Shift -/)
3=Set Flaps (F7)
4=Lower Gear (G)

0=Spoilers Down (/)
1=Flaps Up (F5)

0=Thrust Levers Idle
1=Parking Brake Set (CTRL-.)
2=Fuel Flow Cutoff (CTRL-SHIFT F1)