Boeing 767-336ER

Registration G-BNWH

British Airways 'Exotic' Tailfin Livery 'USA'

This is an accurate depiction of the real aircraft named City of Brussels in its livery c1998. The model has been carefully painted from scratch using a Version 3 paint kit to ensure complete accuracy.

Version 3 provides a host of features that include full animation, flexing wings, full night lighting, variable reflective textures and lights that can be seen from the cockpit. The full range is detailed in the POSKY_readme.txt file included in this package.

Thanks to the Project Opensky group and in particular model designers Mitsushi Yutaka and Hiroshi Igami for creating this magnificent aircraft. Thanks also to C. Vincent Cho who created the original textures and to the people at where you can always find great photographs that make it possible to accurately paint aircraft like this.

Files Included:
readme.txt (this file)
PSCIV_B767Full_Checklist.txt (Pilot Series full Boeing 767 checklist)
POSKY_readme.txt (POSKY copyright details)
ScreenPic.jpg (Daylight screenshot of G-BNWH)


Just follow the 'usual' procedure. Open the ZIP file with your favourite program (WinZip recommended) and extract to your ...\FS2002\aircraft folder making sure that 'use folder names' is selected. All the necessary folders and sub-folders will be created for you, the aircraft will appear in your 'select aircraft' list under Boeing, 767-336ER and will be ready to fly immediately.

The aircraft has been configured to use the default 777 panel. It is strongly recommended that you download and install one of the excellent 767 panels available on this and other flightsim sites.

Copyright and Distribution

This aircraft is Freeware and may be distributed freely. No one is permitted to charge for this aircraft or include this in any commercial product.

See POSKY_readme.txt for original copyright which must be observed.

This package has been tested and installing it will not damage your PC in any way. If you think it has the author can accept no responsibility whatsoever.

Any feedback including comments, suggestions and questions always appreciated. Hope you enjoy the aircraft.

Roger Mole
June 2002