Bendix King/Honeywell General Aviation FMC/GPS
Copyright 2008 Garrett Smith, all rights reserved.
[email protected]

Operation documentation provided in PDF format.

Do not distribute, decompile, or alter for redistribution.
This guage is offered as freeware for personal use in FSX aircraft.
Do not include this guage with any aircraft packages without prior consent.

SCAire Air Alaska

No installation tools provided, manual installation required.

to add a popup window:
copy guage to your FSX guage folder.
edit the panel.cfg of aircraft.

add to [Window Titles]

WindowXX=FMC //XX = next available window number, or replace your GPS window

add the window section

ident=GPS_PANEL // change if you keep your GPS window
window_size= 0.255, 0.475
window_pos= 0.745, 0.520

gauge00=HoneywellFMC!fmc, 0,0,325,512

Please do not contact me with questions on how to install guages.
There are several programs that do tis, and alot of info on how to do it
manually. Search is your friend.

Please read the manual before emailing with questions on how to operate the FMC.
Its a very simple FMC, and experimentation will teach you alot. =)
If its a button, it was meant to be pushed.



Any bugs found, please email me at [email protected]