Alfs_UK_airfields-Volume 5-May 2008
Although FSX scenery is a great improvement on FS2004, there are still many small airfields in the UK with little or no details.
I have tried to improve this in a small way. I do not have any direct knowledge, or indeed any useful photos of these airfields so do not aim to make them accurate, only better.

They were compiled using aerial views from Google Earth, Pooleys UK Flight Guide, and the FSX SDK Object Placement Tool and Airport Design Editor v1.22.

I only used the standard FSX scenery data (** See note below) so there are no dedicated objects, only generic ones, but I hope it does improve some of the smaller airfields. It was designed to use with FSX SP2 so there may be problemms if SP1 and SP2 are not installed.
** With the exception of Booker in Vol.4 when I have done an extra version with some Rwy12 objects.

See ReadMe texts in appropriate folders.

To uninstall just remove the files again.

This Volume consists of:
EGSU Duxford
EGSR Earls Colne
EGFE Haverfordwest

Volume 1 consisted of:
EGSL Andrewsfield/EGSQ Clacton/EGWC Cosford/EGTR Elstree/EGMD Lydd
EGTZ Old Warden [See Old Warden ReadMe]/EGHP Popham

Volume 2 consisted of:
EGTD Dunsfold/EGET Lerwick/Tingwall/EGNF Netherthorpe

Volume 3 consisted of:
EGKH Lashenden/EGSX North Weald/EGCJ Sherburn-in-Elmett/EGBS Shobdon

Volume 4 consisted of:
EGTB Booker and BookerPlus (both in BOOKERx2EGTB folder)/EGST Elmsett

Alf Denham