Haverfordwest-EGFE 2nm N of Haverfordwest

Two asphalt runways 03/21 and 09/27.

Haverfordwest Radio 122.20
NDB 'HAV' 328.0 DME 'HDW' 116.75

To Install
I usually unzip direct into the required folder but if you prefer, unzip to a temporary folder first.
Copy the .bgl files in Scenery folder into Addon Scenery / Scenery folder,
OR copy the Scenery folder into Addon Scenery folder,
OR create a new folder HaverfordwestEGFE in the Addon Scenery folder, place the Scenery folder into it and install into the Scenery Library in the usual way.
Any of these methods should work OK.
Delete to uninstall.

Alf Denham