BAe Hawk T.Mk1 A - Red Arrow
by Owen Hewitt & Mikko Maliniemi

Mikko would like to thank:
First I would like to thank Owen Hewitt for scanning me the 3-view images of the Hawk. I could not have done this plane without him.

Due to the fact that I don't know which gauge is made by who, I want to thank everyone who recognizes his/her own creations. I have taken these gauges from various freeware planes. Well, most of the gauges are from Massimo Taccoli's and Paolo Zamprano's Aermacchi MB-339 panel and I have got permission from Massimo to use them. Thanks to both of them. If there someone, who wants me to remove his creation from this panel, just let me know and I'll do it. I don't want to have any hard feelings with anyone...

I also would like to thank Juho Piiroinen for the panel background bitmap. It was modified by him from Massimo Taccoli's and Paolo Zamprano's MB-339 panel, with their acceptance of course...

If there is anything regarding the panel, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

Owen would like to thank:
Many thanks go to Mikko for creating a fantastic FSDS design as a base model for this aircraft.

The IADG group for "sticking together" and providing technical support.

The many contributors to the Freeflight Design Shop aircraft design group. Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

Legal Stuff:

Do not make anykind of changes to the plane or the documentation without the original authors permission and acceptance. Also do not include this package on any commercial add-on CD without a permission to do that. You can upload this plane on every site at Internet as long as this file ( is not changed and our names are mentioned there as designers.

Unzip plane to your aircraft directory and gauges to your gauges directory...

Happy Flying & ENJOY!!!

Copyright 2001

Mikko Maliniemi
[email protected]
Owen Hewitt
[email protected]

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