Freeflight Design Shop
Providing free high-quality source files for flight simulators
Welcome to Freeflight Design Shop and thank you for downloading one of
our available aircraft.

This site was founded by:

Bill Alderson (Cyber Air)
Guy G. Caron (The Captain's Quarters)
Paul Conley (Classic Jets)
Tom Gibson (Classic Airliners)
Ralph D. Mitchell, Jr. (Retired)
Frank Safranek (PreFlight Checklist)
Kevin Trinkle (PSA Smile High)
NOTICE: Please KEEP THIS TEXT FILE and any other text file with any
repaints, or remakes of this aircraft.

This file, and any updates, are NOT to be placed on any web site or
electronic media. This includes for "free" or for payment. ONLY THE
ORIGINAL AUTHOR MAY APPROVE OTHERWISE! If you cannot reach the original
author please do not assume this gives you approval to place this file
where you please. The files are not Public Domain, they are copyrighted
by the original author.
Freeflight Design Shop is an association of people who have two objectives
for flight simulation:

1. Providing high quality source files; and,
2. Encouraging active participation from everyone, whether developer or
painter or pilot!

The objective of our association, and web site, is to provide the
flightsim community with the highest quality source files that are freely
available. We welcome updates to these files so we all can share in our
joint knowledge of this fine hobby.

Simply, all we ask that if you update a file, please CREDIT THE ORIGINAL
DESIGNER and make it immediately available to everyone without any type
of charge. You might say we believe in "Shareware" of a different kind.
Of course, if you have a new file that you would like to freely share -let
us know and we'll post it along with the others. It doesn't matter that the
type of aircraft already exists, it only matters that it's your own creation
and/or freely available.


Freeflight Design Shop
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