This file adjusts the landclass for Ascension Island from the default green jungle island, to its realistic lava rock covered moonscape.
The only greenery now lays atop Green Mtn. where its mostly introduced flora is spreading rapidly downhill. Also, a small amount of buildings etc. have been placed around the Georgetown and US Air base area.

This file works very well with John Holden's FS2004 mesh scenery for Ascension and St. Helena. (

Both my file and John's seem to work fine in FSX.

Just create a directory under your "Addon Scenery" called "Ascension" and create a directory under that called "Scenery". Place this file into the new "scenery" directory. Open FSX, add it to your scenery library and voila !

Now you can fly in and out of Ascension the way it actually looks !

Hope you enjoy !

Scott Wilson

Feb. 2008